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What would happen if both Peter and Carl were granted a wish that would change the reality of where they are, and who they are, in regards to each other.

Alternate realities; starts a few years back (approx.

Na Europa do século XVIII, o jovem Pete Doherty é convidado para um baile de máscaras de extremo luxo.

Lá, ele conhece Carl Barat, um homem espantosamente lindo, assim como também muito poderoso e cheio de mistérios. When you were nineteen you were forsaken by queen and country alike (rather a shock, autumn, a letter discovered, and the leaves had fallen and it had begun daily and nightly already to rain) and as such you took the ferry in the navy-royal crush of earlyevening across the tall black water to the continent — to Bruges.

So, I guess I should have know the answer to why the following does not work.

Basically, the scenario I have is that I have a foreign key column in my Grid View that I want to show as a Drop Down List of values.

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It’s a bit like cutting himself up, watching these videos.Pete então acaba envolvido com o misterioso Carl e será jogado em um mundo fantástico. When Peter came to London, Carl was waiting for him under the hanging clock in the middle of Waterloo station.It had been romantic, in the way that Peter saw all their meetings as a little romantic – a song in the making, all Terry meets Julie and a sunset over the river.In that moment, every one of his dreams hung, inchoate but irrepressible, on this one dark-haired boy with the fancy name and the rips in his jeans, who held Peter’s whole world on a shoestring.(An early days sort-of-AU story of Peter & Carl's love affair with London - and each other) There's someone in the kitchen, apparently washing the day old dishes, and Carl jumps to his feet the moments he realises it.Carlos Ashley Raphael Barât (born 6 June 1978) is an English musician, best known for being the co-frontman with Peter Doherty of the garage rock band The Libertines.He was the frontman and lead guitarist of Dirty Pretty Things, and in 2010 debuted a solo album.Strange Factories is a British drama horror film written and directed by John Harrigan and produced by the British immersive theatre and production collective Foolish People. A writer, possessed by a terrifying story, hunts for its secret heart in a mysterious landscape.He journeys into unknown, dreamlike places, haunted by the infamous Hum emitted from a strange factory.Upon release, an immersive theatrical component will be present at cinema showings.Hell-raiser Rhys Ifans was back at it again last night, tearing up the town on yet another London rampage.

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