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Prodigy Communications Corporation (Prodigy Services Corp., Prodigy Services Co., Trintex) was an online service that offered its subscribers access to a broad range of networked services, including news, weather, shopping, bulletin boards, games, polls, expert columns, banking, stocks, travel, and a variety of other features.Initially, subscribers using personal computers accessed the Prodigy service by means of copper wire telephone "POTS" service or X.25 dialup.Direc TV Now allows customers to watch up to two streams simultaneously.Unfortunately, the first iteration of Direc TV now will not include any cloud DVR functionality a la Play Station Vue — or even the option to pause what you’re currently watching — at launch.

There are a few notable limitations — including a total lack of a DVR feature, pausing of live video and access to local major networks like ABC, NBC and Fox outside of big cities — but AT&T assures potential customers that this is just “the first inning,” and that Direc TV Now will grow in the coming years.Now we know that the launch event, at least, will sneak in under the wire, with the wide release likely to shortly follow.AT&T is betting big on Direc TV Now, which the company reportedly believes will be its primary TV platform by 2020.AT&T announced on Monday afternoon during an event in New York City that the Direc TV Now video streaming service would launch on November 30th.The service was originally unveiled back in October, but AT&T was holding its cards close to its vest, only revealing a few details about the price of the service and number of channels that would be available to subscribers at launch.By 1990 it was the second-largest online service provider, with 465,000 subscribers trailing only Compu Serve's 600,000.The roots of Prodigy date to 1980 when broadcaster CBS and telecommunications firm AT&T Corporation formed a joint venture named Venture One in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.These will be the four programming packages available at launch: (Roku devices, Amazon Fire tablets and Samsung Smart TV support in 2017.) As previously announced, anyone who signs up for one month of prepaid access to Direc TV Now will receive a free Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, while customers who pay for three months up front will get an Apple TV.AT&T wasn’t ready to share the full lineup of channels that will be available at launch, but did confirm that negotiations with CBS and Showtime are still ongoing.The host systems used were regionally distributed IBM Series/1 minicomputers managed by central IBM mainframes located in Yorktown Heights, New York.The company claimed it was the first consumer online service, citing its graphical user interface and basic architecture as differentiation from Compu Serve, which started in 1979 and used a command-line interface.

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