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The articles below can help you understand student loan default and potential consequences.Student loan consolidation is different than other kinds of debt consolidation.If you have already been repaying your federal student loan(s) and want to explore the Standard, Graduated, or Extended repayment plans, we recommend contacting your loan servicer to explore the best repayment option for you.You can still use the Repayment Estimator to help you estimate your monthly payments, but the payment estimates will be less accurate the longer you've been in repayment. Loan Consolidation Program and consolidating through a bank or alternative lender. Student loan consolidation can be used by student or parent borrowers to combine their multiple education loans into one loan with one monthly payment.When you consolidate student loans through the Direct Loan Consolidation Program: Most (but not all) federal loans are eligible, and private loans ... If that does hold true it could be due to a variety of details including: - interest rates for Federal loans are set by law and are standard across the board. As any student can take either federal or private student loans, he or she can also take a federal or ...

You will need to use the "Add Loan(s)" option to manually add your federal student loans that are not automatically populated. It's important to gather your application information ahead of time, especially since you're required to complete your application in one session. Department of Education made the landmark decision to allow you to choose your consolidation servicer (of which, Great Lakes is one) under the Direct Consolidation Loan program.You can also see how making extra payments will affect your pay off date.Simply enter the fields below and click on calculate.You may add loan information manually by selecting an average loan balance below, or by adding individual loans using the "Add Loan(s)" button.We used the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to retrieve your current loan data.How long will it take to pay off your student loan?Use the student loan calculator below to estimate what your monthly payments will be.These are separate programs that exist particularly to help teachers by offering principal reduction, or the disabled by offering a complete discharge on your federal student loans.For much more information on these programs please visit the Teacher Loan Forgiveness page, or the Total & Permanent Disability Discharge page.

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