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Should I get a fake arm, throw it around my shoulder, and label with a sign that says “my ex – but don’t worry, he’s out of the picture”?I started with the little black dress, and attached to the front of the dress a whiteboard of sorts – then let people add their own clichés via stickers. Afterwards, I knew I needed to analyze this piece of public commentary for the audience of online daters and beyond, so that we can all learn to be ourselves and not clichés. Along with these benefits, online dating does raise new dangers: a creep—a violent one, even—may be lurking behind the next click; the process over-represents certain features of a person (facial appearance, for starters); and it requires an investment of funds that perhaps could be better spent elsewhere. These archaic behaviors suited the olden days, but some of them seemed novel even to the generation before mine. It also reduces the need to choose between meaningful in a region where pickings are slim, and work that may be further from one's calling in a more populated area.

” And is your second thought, “If I go, how soon can I leave? The difference between introverts and extroverts is that the extroverts are energized by socializing—the more the merrier! We don’t crave lots of socializing, we don’t love meeting new people and, all things considered, we’d rather stay home. But take heart: It’s not as hard as it sounds if you honor your introversion instead of trying to fight it. Does it feel like you can’t possibly get noticed amidst the razzle-dazzle of extroverts?

Here are some tips to get you on the road to happily ever after. Remember this: Extroverts may sparkle, but introverts glow, and that’s equally attractive. Should you look for a fellow introvert, or are you better off with an extrovert? Online dating can be ideal for introverts, since we tend to express ourselves well in writing, we can take our time to think before we speak, and getting to know a person online first takes some of the stress out of first date small talk. Introverts aren’t usually big joiners, but group activities have benefits.

Among introverts’ wonderful qualities: We are great listeners; we carry an aura of calm and quiet; we think before we speak; we don’t compete for the spotlight. Either combo can work, depending on what you want and need. One caveat for introverts: If you’ve found someone interesting, don’t let the emailing drag on too long. You don’t want to get all intimate via email and then find there’s zero chemistry when you’re finally face-to-face. For one thing, they put you in proximity with people in situations where chitchat (introvert kryptonite) is not the main focus.

(Men in their 30s and 40s are typically chillin’ with the 20-something ladies, whilst the 50-something gents are all up for some hot 30s action.

But here’s a piece of advice for those 50-somethings who may want to jump start a reality television career: Kate Gosselin, of Jon Minus Kate and We’re Not Really Sure What Happened to the Eight, is apparently on internet dating sites like JDate. (Still no word on “the Eight.”) (A longer version of this piece appears at My Urban Kvetch.) Recently, Jews observed the holiday of Purim, which thematically centers on disguise, withheld information, and political intrigue.

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