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He speaks on relationships–marriage, parenting, dating, personal growth, and spirituality.

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Starting today-right now-you can begin a journey that will bring fun and interesting people into your life, broaden your experience of others and yourself, and lead you toward that date of all dates-a date worth keeping.Cloud co-hosts the nationally syndicated radio program “New Life Live,” which is heard in over 150 markets.Millions of listeners have benefited from his wit and wisdom for over a decade. Cloud has produced and conducted hundreds of public seminars around the country.In that context of hands-on clinical experience, he researched and developed many of the treatment methods and principles he communicates to audiences today.“His irresponsibility is making my life miserable,” Jen began. Townsend) a terrible story of how her husband had successfully avoided adulthood for many years at her expense. * You're attracted to the wrong kind, while the right kind lack the "chemistry." * You're waiting for God to bring you the right person-and you've been waiting an awfully long time. * You wonder why people who aren't as nice as you get all the dates.But the sad thing was that she could not see the same choices that were so clear to me.“Why don’t you stop paying for his mistakes and bailing him out? ” Jen asked, alternating between muffled sobs and a scornful expression. This is the way he is, and I just have to live with it.” I could not tell if she was sad about what she perceived as a hopeless case or angry with me for suggesting she had choices. I could see countless ways she could be free from her husband’s patterns of behavior.She could make numerous choices to help both herself and the relationship.

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