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"In this case, the wife was unaware of the act but thousands of Indians have willingly made this illegal profession their full-time job," a senior cyber security researcher with a central law enforcement agency said.

According to cyber experts, porn content is a major contributor in online revenue and there is a huge demand of Indian content which is pulling young couple to perform sex-ondemand.

Traffickers had previously mostly targeted poor, unmarried mothers or stolen babies from hospitals with inside help, campaigners said.

"This was my first case of a baby being sold in (the red light district of) Kamathipura," said police sub inspector Vasant Jadhav, who rescued a seven-day-old baby last October.

That is why “Break the Silence” became the rallying cry as a charity, World Vision India launched the campaign this week.

The tenacity of the cultural “son-bias” signals that “these women’s rights are maybe not being respected within the community,” he said.

“Some women may be experiencing pressures to have sons and not daughters.” “Unless we do something, nothing will change,” he added.

In a country where most families prefer to keep cases of child sex abuse under wraps, the latest one came to light because it was simply not possible to ignore it.

The plight of a 10-year–old girl in the Indian state of Haryana, who was allegedly raped repeatedly by her stepfather, was brought before police and the courts some 20 weeks after she became pregnant.

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