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A locked drawer on the other side springs open, revealing an array of pills that will terminate the patient's pregnancy.

Since 2008, Planned Parenthood has overseen 8,000 so-called telemedical abortions as part of a first-in-the-nation program that aims to lower the cost of the procedure, provide care to women in rural areas and states with few doctors, and help women terminate pregnancies earlier.

Some parents put GPS tracking devices on their teens' cars to follow their every move, while others install black boxes that monitor their speed.

Now, some parents are turning to in-car video cameras to monitor their kids' behavior behind the wheel.

The Iowa Board of Medicine disagrees, and adopted a rule in 2013 that would effectively ban telemedical abortions on the grounds that they improperly supervise and endanger women.

Disputing that claim, Planned Parenthood appealed the rule to the Iowa Supreme Court this spring.

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"It's the exact same type of encounter either way," Meadows told Buzz Feed News.

In a Planned Parenthood clinic in rural Iowa, a woman explains to Dr. Meadows studies her face, nods, and asks a question in response.

She is not in the same room, however, but hundreds of miles away in Iowa City. Meadows interviews her patient via a two-way camera, and if she determines her to be a safe candidate for abortion, she clicks her mouse.

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