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had called a break during a band rehearsal at his house on the evening of 3 December 1976 when two cars pulled up and seven or more gunmen got out.

One found his way to the kitchen, where Marley was eating a grapefruit, and opened fire.

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The lead guitarist, an American session man on his first visit to Jamaica, took cover behind a flight case. ’ Then police arrived to investigate the gunfire and the attackers took off.

The bass player and others – accounts vary as to how many – dived into a metal bathtub. , the novel restages the assault on Marley’s house with eight shooters, most of whom get given names: Josey Wales, Weeper, Bam-Bam, Demus, Heckle and Funky Chicken, plus ‘two man from Jungle, one fat, one skinny’.

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