Ny times the demise of dating

” Continue reading → I am spending Valentine’s Day alone, and grateful, and if I had a Valentine that I could share this holiday with…

that is to say, if the trains were running, and it wasn’t the worst fucking time of the year, and it didn’t require changing out of my Totoro Onesie…

On 9/1/77, Pittman took over as PD with a whole new cast, including replacing Don Imus with Ellie Dylan, and also hiring Allen Beebe, Johnny Dark and Lee Masters. () This great sounding aircheck of WTIC was recorded 9/30/91.

WNBC was obviously trying very hard to sound as boring as possible in this aircheck, playing several slow songs in row - probably to contrast the coming change to full out Top 40. At the time, Steele was retiring from his daily Monday-Saturday programs.

Sony decided to halt production just days away from shooting, and the story explains why.

I thought this article was relevant because it demonstrates the atmosphere in which we find ourselves these days.

Steele died in December 2002, and has been honored on this page.

A lone attacker is believed to have detonated an explosive device at Manchester Arena as thousands of young fans left a concert by the American singer Ariana Grande.

At least 59 people were injured in what was the deadliest attack on British soil in a decade.

The atmosphere was one of euphoria and excitement as the crowds edged slowly out of Manchester Arena after a sold-out performance by the American popstar Ariana Grande.

Little girls, wearing kitten ears like their idol, chattered excitedly with their parents.

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