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ABU DHABI // Online sex crime is overtaking cyber financial cons such as phishing — where people may be duped into sending strangers their bank details.

David Michaux said: "People have got used to the financial scams that are going on and we are now moving away from that." In the UAE, Mr Michaux, said victims were predominantly being targeted through the business-orientated social networking service Linked In.

After a conversation is started, the chat quickly progresses to Skype.

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Thousands of young men around the world are being scammed out of their life savings through a new Skype scam.

The elaborate rouse which is hitting men across the Middle East starts with a Facebook-add from a seemingly attractive woman.

hristopher Russell owned a small bar in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, but, like a lot people these days, figured he had better odds hooking up online.

Russell was 40 and going through a divorce, so he wasn't seeking anything serious. Shortly after creating his account, he got an alert that one of them had viewed his profile. In order to see more details and contact her, he had to buy credits.

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