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This is true across our tortilla-based wonderland from Big Bend to the Piney Woods and South Texas to the Metroplex.

I’m not only referring to the fried envelopes whose broken shards litter much of our cultural landscape.

They decide to stop for a while in a low-budget motel.

Meanwhile the former minister Jacob Fuller is traveling on vacation with his son Scott and his daughter Kate in a RV.

(Full disclosure: I'm a contributor to the editorial package, but the poll we're addressing is all fan voting.) As of Tuesday, Austin was in the lead with 43% of the vote.

Dallas, where I live, is left in third place with 16%. And, with the assistance of New York food writers who have visited Austin during a big festival or lived in the city for a spell, it’s fooled many into believing breakfast tacos are Austin-style.

Well, I can tell u one thing this movie is pure fun:the dialogues are great, the acting is terrific(especially Quentin Tarantino) and the special effects are nice.

John Mueller, Austin, TX What you're getting: Brisket and a beef rib The grandson of BBQ legend Louie Mueller (more on him later), JM delivers the goods with his brisket, his sausage, and his turkey, but it's the beef ribs that you'd better not miss, with their fatty juiciness enhanced by a black pepper-loaded crust.

No, I mean all the tacos: jaralillos de res, carne asada tacos smothered under a salty tarp of queso fundido at Tacos El Toro Bronco in El Paso; the ground beef-nestling airships that are Ray’s Drive Inn’s puffy tacos; the slivers of paprika-lacquered pork served across Oak Cliff; Brownsville’s many Sunday barbacoa huts; the big-city gals that love dressing up; the just-this-side-of-familiar menu at new regional restaurants; and, yes, breakfast tacos.

is hosting an online reader poll to determine which Texas city has the best tacos.

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