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The wide golden beaches front everything from fishing villages, historic churches, restaurants and pubs and a range of accommodation, including award winning luxury hotels.For the explorer, check out the Old Dutch Fort gate built in 1672 now a part of the prison and 100 kilometre long Dutch Canal which was then a supply route to the Dutch administration.Nature enthusiast can take a leisurely boat tour through the mangroves or head to the marshlands to discover endemic and migratory birds, reptiles and other wildlife that have made the marsh their home.

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Of course you can use both hands for something big and/or heavy.And for many of us, obeying the customs of a culture is easy to do, but for others this is not so agreeable.Sri Lanka is certainly a country where traditions and customs are held in high regard.We started emailing that day and by the end of the week we had figured out we could talk via an app on our phones, we knew we liked each other and we clicked really well - even though we are from different ends of the earth!By Christmas 2011 we knew it was serious so we told our families that we were planning to meet in March 2012.Of course, the old churches and fishing villagers are musts as well if you are staying for longer.For more of an adrenalin rush, Negombo offers pristine beaches and an assortment of water sports.Sri Lankans eat with the fingertips of their right hands - with no cutlery,but most places will offer you some.This is not strange and is custom in a lot of countries, so don't cause a fuss - easier trips to London are always available.The coast is popular for wind and kite surfing, sea canoeing and jet skiing in the lagoon.Fishing is an option too, and for a little more excitement you can join the local fishing community in hauling in the fishing nets with the day’s catch.

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  1. For as long as I can remember, I've watched my friends pair off. As an introvert, I not only like my alone time, I need it. I said it: "I'm lonely." And try as my paired up friends might, they don’t seem to fully understand what it's like to watch everyone around you fall in love. Giphy Between boyfriends and girlfriends and spouses and kids and church, there's always someone before you on the priority list.

  2. The Guidance addresses what constitutes a request for reasonable accommodation, the form and substance of the request, and an employer's ability to ask questions and seek documentation after a request has been made.

  3. Sometimes the most trivial things will trigger her pain - if it’s a certain song that reminds her of someone she’s lost, or a time of year that’s especially sensitive for her - make that day fun for her, or surprise her with a little gift.