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This project is easy to do and doesn't require any electrical work (unless you want it to).Plan on taking 2-3 hours to tackle the first 6 steps, and another 30 mins to reassemble your fan and turn it on. For the first I removed the entire fan from the ceiling requiring me to turn off the power to the fan at the circuit box.Pick up a few sets of decorative tape that are packaged together, or pick your own patterns and colors.Place the first piece of tape across the blade, aligning the edges of the tape where the painter's tape previously was.You can change your light shades, add a new light kit, update the fan blades, and even add decorative pull chains to upgrade the look of your fan.Many ceiling fan replacement parts are universal, and the variety of replacement part styles can give you endless possibilities when changing the look of your fan.

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For the second fan I just left the motor on the ceiling.

Loosen the nuts and remove the old glass light shades and bulbs so you can get to the body of the fan easier.

Next, remove screws and each blade arm from the fan body using a screwdriver or drill (Image 1).

A few affordable accessories will have you finished in no time. Mine had 3 arms which worked fantastic for fitting them over the 3 bulbs. Pictures just can’t do it justice because it actually changes the whole feeling of the room.

ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creative ASIN=B00EUYW1B8&link Code=as2&tag=frecru-20&link Id=JFIYLXM2TEXY67KA" We’ve all seen them. Those long and hot Summer days can make for some uncomfortable temperatures at night. I could never pull the trigger because even if I wanted to shell out the bucks, the scale was off with the light and the fan, and I never really liked them anyway. I had those at the ready while I experimented with ideas for the light.

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