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At that time it was customary to count years since the reign of emperor Diocletian; but in his calculations Dionysius chose to number the years since the birth of Christ, rather than honour the persecutor Diocletian.

Dionysius (wrongly) fixed Jesus’ birth with respect to Diocletian’s reign in such a manner that it falls on 25 December 753 AUC (ab urbe condita, i.e.

Just out of interest, Bede’s adoption of the dating (AD) in his De Temporum Ratione is the reason we use it today.

Dionysius Exiguus (in English known as Denis the Little) was a monk from Scythia, he was a canon in the Roman Curia, and his assignment was to prepare calculations of the dates of Easter.

More recently, in the 19th century (although it does date back to the 17th century), Jewish academics adopted C (CE) instead of AD, and BCE for Before Common Era instead of BC (Before Christ).

The chapel at the Episcopal Church Center is called the Chapel of the Venerable Bede. This dating system is the common calendar which we use today, with B. marking the years prior to the birth of Christ and A. (Anno Deo: Year of Our Lord) marking the years after the birth of Christ.

672-735)." Encyclopedia of Time: Science, Philosophy, Theology, & Culture, edited by H. Credo Reference,

Bu Erica Dines The Venerable Bede, a monk and scholar of Northumbria, was and still is considered the greatest scholar of his time – thus earning his “Venerable” title (which means worthy of respect, or revered) (Pedersen, 1997).

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