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We have provided additional local contact information below: This resource has also been packaged up into a number of Powerpoint presentations that may be useful for presenting information or materials in a group setting: Dating Violence Awareness Power Point: What is a Relationship?Dating Violence Awareness Power Point: Gender and Media Stereotypes Dating Violence Awareness Power Point: What is Dating Violence?Love Is Not Abuse: A Teen Dating Violence and Abuse Prevention Curriculum High School Edition (PDF - 497 KB) Love is Not Abuse (2012) Provides lessons designed to help teenagers understand patterns of abuse in dating relationships and methods of prevention.Preventing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (2016) Emphasizes collaborative and multilevel approaches to the prevention of and response to teen dating violence by providing audience-specific information.Dating Violence Awareness Power Point: Abuse, Power and Control Dating Violence Awareness Power Point: Sexual Relationships Dating Violence Awareness Power Point: Help!I’m in an Abusive Relationship Dating Violence Awareness Video: Power This short video discusses the idea of power in relationships, and when it is and is not appropriate for one person in a relationship to have power over another person.The following resources help to equip child welfare professionals with information on how to prevent and respond to teen dating violence.

Educators Toolkits Love Is Offers toolkits to middle school and high school teachers to aid them in teaching signs of unhealthy or abusive relationships.Its goals are to strengthen advocacy, promote community organizing, and influence systems change.It identifies and addresses critical issues, provides technical assistance and training, conducts research, and engages in policy advocacy.A lawyer's skilled assistance is critical to help a survivor heal, regain stability and move forward with life.Research shows that the availability of civil legal services in a community greatly reduces the likelihood of domestic violence.As we approach the holiday season and look forward to spending time with loved ones, many families in our communities cannot find peace in their homes.The American Bar Association has long recognized the legal profession's central role in addressing the urgent national problem of domestic violence, and we are committed to reinvigorating our efforts. One in three women has experienced physical violence by an intimate partner during her lifetime.More than half of female rape victims report that the perpetrator was a current or former intimate partner.Although women are the majority of victims, many men are as well.A lawyer can help a victim secure safety, obtain child custody and support, find housing, maintain employment, and receive other benefits that are needed to live free from an abuser.The essential role of lawyers is why the ABA established its Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence 20 years ago.

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