Advice on dating a leo man

by Ella (USA) Hi, Im an Aries girl whos been dating an Leo guy. When we first met it was amazing as I just noticed him right away but played it cool and acted indifferent. We were hanging out in a bar on a birthday party of a mutual friend.. By the end of the night he was stuck to me like glue. While I was going to my car he called me from the back and thats when I noticed he'd left the party as well. since then its been a little over a yr and we're still going strong. They are very understanding and love beein in relationships.

We danced together, he offered me a drink which I politely declined and then couldn't stop talking to me till 2am. Nice restaurants, really cute expensive gifts, kisses and hugs.. The best advice I can give you is talk things out with him if you're having problems.

They’ll do everything they can to bring out the best in you.If you’re willing to be patient and make fair compromises, you and your Leonian will learn to work out differences peacefully.If you a more submissive person by nature, then you’re going to love being with a Leonian.If he's confusing you so much and you're concerned about the ex?date other men - dont wait around for him to have fun with you while he makes up his mind and goes running back to the ex.......she's still calling and he's answering???beautasia, Sounds like a great couple, i love leos also!Leos are great friends and lovers and reward people with thier loyalty, as long as you give him lots of attention affection and loyalty he'll love you forever and protect you greatly these guys can be pretty dominant Yes their real leaders and can take up alot of slack so let him take lead at times he means no harm he just wants to be the lion in the jungle and you can be his lioness lol, and by the way when Leos are goin through something rough they can become very distant and cold and not even tell you about it, chances are their taking it hard just support him eventually he will snap back and love you even more but remeber not to give up just because he's having a rough week or month.Im an aries /taurus cusp and I've been seeing an Leo man , our relationship is in its early stages I met him through a friend but we have not met face to face yet or went out on a date yet , but we talk on the phone and he has seen me and I have seen him via webcam .He does seem to be the dominating one in the relationship, He always stops talking to me for awhile whenever he doesnt get his way .True to the animals associated with them, Leonians can be very prideful. If you're at a party, look for the guy who's telling jokes or relating some vivid tale to a circle of guests.

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