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When, in 2009, the terrible truth about the Castlerock ‘suicides’ was finally uncovered, the nation was gripped by the compelling tale of sex, drugs, deceit, greed and murder – laced with a hefty dose of evangelism. I have devoted years to investigating the killings, one of the most distressing cases of domestic murder in the last half century, and my book is now the basis of major new ITV drama series, The Secret.

It is a story not just of lust and selfish greed, but of near unbelievable hypocrisy among church-going evangelicals in protestant Northern Ireland – and of a police force too cowed, too trusting, to mount a proper investigation.

Later a residential college was established, which moved to premises at Charterhouse Square in the 1930s.

At the Royal London, larger premises, still in use by the medical school, were built in Turner Street in 1854.

This was where, in 1990, Hazel Buchanan, a Sunday school teacher, met Colin Howell, a dentist and a charismatic preacher.In the summer of 1990, Hazel discovered she was pregnant.Howell convinced her to have an abortion, even though the act was taboo within their strict religious lives, and against the law – as it still is – in Northern Ireland.Killer dentist Colin Howell claimed today that the wife he murdered was a bad mother who he once found drunk and unconscious, lying in vomit, when she should have been looking after their four children.The double murderer, who poisoned wife Lesley and his lover's husband Trevor Buchanan, said his marital home was always messy and that she would ‘fire the kids’ at him when he came back from work.Both were married, Hazel to her policeman husband Trevor, whom she had wed at the age of 17, and Colin to Lesley, then pregnant with their fourth child.Despite their professed faith, there was an immediate spark – and an affair.A new building (Blizard Building), named after the founder of The London Hospital Medical College, Sir William Blizard, was completed in 2005 at the Royal London site, and houses research laboratories and is the main site for medical undergraduate teaching.In the 2008 government Research Assessment Exercise, the school was ranked first for the quality of its medical research in London and fourth overall nationally; the dental school was ranked joint first.Again she sat impassively in the dock, dressed in a plum coat, as Howell delivered his testimony on a second day of cross-examination.Her defence barrister, Paul Ramsey QC, quoted sections of an interview the dentist had with prison psychiatrist Dr Helen Harbinson following his arrest in 2009 in which he claimed Mrs Howell was a bad mother.‘Lesley did little or no housework, the house was always messy and she slopped about,’ Mr Ramsey quoted.

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