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Enrollment at Hampshire College exceeds a thousand annually.

Students may select from many areas of study, including: Students applying for admission are generally required to submit an application, transcripts, records, standardized test scores and any requested personal statements, which will then be reviewed by the admissions committee.

Established in 1769 by Eleazar Wheelock, Dartmouth is one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution.

Although founded as a school to educate Native Americans in Christian theology and the English way of life, Dartmouth primarily trained Congregationalist ministers throughout its early history before it gradually secularized, emerging at the turn of the 20th century from relative obscurity into national prominence.

Watch recent talks by a number of experts, including Cornel West on political struggle, George Schaller on his career studying wildlife, and Brendan Nyhan on fact-checking and fake news.

Hampshire College is a liberal arts college that offers an undergraduate education and assists students in developing important skills useful in pursuit of graduate education or employment.

No upgrades will be required for you to have full access to New Hampshire Passions. This option opens up access to a significant number of active sites in the network, but again, it is not required.

Undergraduate admissions is highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of 10.4% for the Class of 2021, according to the university.

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Students may take either the ACT or SAT exam scores to be considered for admissions to this school.

A score between 1710 - 2020 on the SAT, or 25 - 29 for the ACT is common among accepted students.

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