Dating to fuck in australia com

It is also not consent if you are forced, tricked or threatened into having sex.

If you have sex with someone who is unable to freely consent, this is sexual assault, which is a serious crime.

Search for a local fuck buddy and have fun and naughty sex in the UK with Fuck Buddy.

Here, you turn your wild imagination into reality and ignite the passion with a range of NSA niche adult dating sites.

(Though, let's be real here, the GPS location services of many apps are sketchy at best.) There are apps for all kinds of sexualities ranging from casual hookups to specific fetishes. Go for it — heck, why not do it anonymously while you're at it; app, you can smile proudly to yourself knowing you've found love (or lust) in a rather not-hopeless place.

And, hey, there's no shame if you're just looking for the latter; there's obviously an app for that, too.

The United States of America is the third largest country in the world, and is made up of fifty states each with their own unique personality.

[However, see also the chapter on sexual offences, and in particular on 'sexting' as 'sexting' images of people who appear to be 18 or under is illegal].

Advice on contraception can be obtained from a medical practitioner or other health services.

Chat with 1,000's of sexy local girls and men near you and then you can meet them for real sex and naughty fun. Join the site now, find a fuck buddy in the UK, get chatting and then meet up for a discreet fuck tonight!

Spice of Life Online Dating Site Australia offers members an email service that is not only private but also anonymous which is the perfect way to communicate and get to know others online.

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Aspera BM 0629/ 508/964 Atily SM 0111/1618/SA5 Attard JP 3381/2197/111 Aubrey JD 2141/ 936/19G Aucutt TC 0659/3094/1CF Auer AB 3381/ 83/15B Austin DD 7041/3183/036 Auvil NL 0629/ 921/987 Avalo D 0369/ 339/967 Avelaresvalle KI 3044/1668/15B Avery AA 3537/ 115/174 Avery JB 2862/3126/012 Avery KM 2311/1171/1UW Aviles AA 3043/1381/T15 Avilesvelez NL 7212/ 750/960 Ayala VM 0431/3434/1RA Aylor SP 4421/3078/097 Ayres RE 6116/3204/1V4 Azucenas NQ 5811/2969/1SJ Babb BL 0629/ 425/041 Babin BJ 3043/1758/SA5 Bacon CL 0111/ 12/1S8 Bacus PC 4421/3371/087 Baer KM 3529/ 379/S7U Baez A 0411/2922/15E Bagley DI 0689/1945/111 Bagley RM 0321/1086/SGH Baida DS 0629/ 616/226 Bailey AC 2311/2160/1CN Bailey JC 6113/3255/1T9 Bailey JR 6326/1653/970 Bailey TL 6154/1773/1HK Baird CG 0261/1626/115 Baird MW 0111/2953/L39 Bajo RL 1812/2580/19D Baker BW 2111/1713/1MX Baker JB 2862/2332/SAR Baker KJ 3043/2042/1Y1 Baker Jr MC 0313/1566/1GR Balbaloza CM 1171/3200/J33 Balcena JM 0848/2859/078 Baldwin JA 3537/ 465/S4C Bales MB 6336/1449/968 Bales III RA 0689/2378/TVZ Ball CJ 2862/2214/130 Ballesteros KA 6046/1666/040 Ballou NA 0848/2346/1NR Baltazar EB 7041/ 876/1TK Baltrusch NA 3529/ 791/063 Balvaneda EG 0451/3020/1MU Banaka CP 6326/1314/VMC Bandstra JD 0231/2189/MD5 Banister AH 6116/3044/VM4 Bankes II RE 3537/1012/041 Banks DM 6156/ 328/VMC Banks FN 3451/2077/TKZ Banks JH 6499/2957/1JY Bankston TR 0629/ 435/V16 Banuelos A 2621/2406/MB1 Baptiste Jr C 3537/ 423/041 Barabas CJ 0313/2613/1GS Barajas Jr M 1833/ 340/19F Barajas Jr P 3537/1098/995 Barbas CR 4421/3063/K26 Barcynski TL 3529/ 446/1RW Bardsley NJ 0321/1127/KAQ Bargerstock CJ 0369/ 11/1GS Barker MJ 0369/1062/KAN Barnard RJ 1161/1202/936 Barnes CJ 0861/3372/1NE Barnes DS 0321/1081/1R6 Barnett WR 3112/2341/T66 Barney K 4133/3400/1Y2 Barnhardt Jr MA 2111/1109/SND Barnum AD 2336/3134/027 Baron JT 1371/ 851/988 Barr BL 0689/1942/TVZ Barragan AT 2336/1683/026 Barragan MJ 0111/2410/1F5 Barreramarroq HA 3537/ 838/041 Barrett JB 0431/3297/M75 Barrett MP 0431/2786/15B Barrett WJ 7041/2575/1J3 Barron T 0431/1897/1CK Barron Jr L 0369/ 952/V17 Bartalotti DS 0629/ 331/J9F Bartee JD 0231/2445/MD5 Bartlett JS 6113/2118/VHA Barton BM 0313/3070/1GS Barton CN 3051/1011/R12 Barton KD 3051/ 132/040 Bascom RE 0111/2466/063 Basinger AR 0231/3210/1RA Bassen SA 6217/3254/VFB Bateman II JC 3043/2680/972 Battaglia JJ 0659/3258/086 Battiest R 0111/2815/040 Batts RC 0629/ 981/1R3 Baumb JM 6326/2515/1V1 Baumgardner RW 6326/2289/MDT Baunoch JN 0689/2813/110 Bautista JA 0431/3326/1Y5 Baye TJ 0321/1074/KBC Bayles SR 6492/2115/A02 Beach AM 2862/2629/1RV Beauvais SM 0369/ 574/952 Becerrasanche R 7041/2685/998 Beck DN 0629/ 935/152 Beck DV 3451/2397/122 Becker CH 6531/1720/MC8 Becker RJ 0372/1021/1MU Beckett TW 1371/ 523/198 Bedolla JC 0811/1029/R06 Bee Jr C 3529/ 579/1EH Begay BM 3112/2614/013 Bego BJ 4341/2364/961 Behnken SM 6217/2955/V6B Behringer SJ 2673/1282/W52 Beiner MW 3529/ 571/078 Belenski AS 0619/1563/078 Belickis KJ 2651/2356/TMG Belknap RS 0619/ 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0372/1533/1MX Bigda SE 5811/2126/014 Biggs TA 5811/3121/1MT Bilbo SD 0369/1991/KA2 Bilzing CR 1371/ 7/111 Bingman JJ 0848/3306/R06 Birdwell EW 6217/2135/VF2 Birdwell MA 0659/3273/041 Birk MJ 0111/2348/1FN Black DJ 0629/ 802/988 Black JB 0629/ 592/1G7 Black JB 0861/2193/1NJ Black RP 0411/2017/1US Black ST 5948/2518/K18 Blackwell ZK 0241/1294/1MZ Blackwood CN 0231/1273/TA8 Blaine TJ 5831/3048/UEL Blair KD 5811/2999/992 Blair KR 0241/1834/115 Blair M 7257/3233/1XB Blake JE 5711/3006/1CP Blake KA 1345/ 209/1F5 Blake KT 7051/2494/1EH Blake II JS 6176/ 202/043 Blanchard JJ 7257/2769/G91 Blandon VH 1171/ 900/1EH Blankenship JK 0369/ 375/V33 Blankenship R 3432/3043/15B Blas Jr BQ 6217/2502/A00 Blassingame JE 4421/3124/098 Blignaut JB 0369/ 326/V25 Blosser JD 5811/2992/1SG Blue CA 6286/1784/043 Blue KN 3044/2411/1Y2 Blumenstein JR 6326/2284/VMC Blythe RD 5811/2990/017 Boardman JD 0659/3389/1R1 Boardwine SK 3537/1110/068 Boatwright KF 2336/1688/1CQ Bobo DA 2621/2833/JAH Bocan KJ 1341/ 271/942 Bochek GM 7236/3269/TWK Bochman TM 0111/ 346/C74 Boele RA 6116/2109/VMB Bogard JD 6326/2125/MDT Bogue SC 0313/1998/1GT Bolden N 3043/2792/SAP Bolken TJ 4341/1673/989 Bolton MR 6046/1398/048 Bond CJ 0689/2427/MB1 Boni PA 6116/3340/MDT Bonilla EL 5811/1903/040 Bonilla JN 3537/ 545/KAC Bonofiglio NA 0369/ 972/028 Booth JP 3537/ 270/078 Bordies EJ 6326/2201/MDT Borges R 6212/1812/V8B Borghere AT 7257/1269/023 Borjas CM 0861/2774/1NG Borrero PA 3043/2208/968 Borszem JR 0111/2770/1PK Bortmas Jr JR 0659/2028/15A Boskovitch DA 6116/3349/VME Boston AM 6132/3108/A88 Botelho KM 0811/1164/245 Bouchard Jr RA 2336/1515/015 Boudreaux CJ 0431/3361/15D Boulden LM 2621/2523/802 Bouloukos CE 0431/1861/936 Bourne CG 0431/2155/1GA Bousman RE 1345/ 84/1EA Bowden KW 6062/2570/1JT Bowdoin CW 6314/1671/1J3 Bowen ZD 0231/3021/15A Bowers BM 1812/2592/19D Bowers CJ 3537/2215/167 Bowers JJ 7011/3087/165 Bowers Jr DE 0111/2615/976 Bowler CA 1391/1045/1US Bowman AC 0848/2220/972 Bowman BW 0689/2899/1CC Bowman LR 5979/1956/040 Boyd SE 6154/ 51/1T5 Boykins JM 0481/1832/19F Boyko LV 6048/2290/1A5 Bozeman Jr JM 0111/2650/QAR Bradley JS 1833/ 149/19F Bradley LJ 2862/3149/1F7 Bradley RT 2862/1324/SP8 Bradley WR 0369/ 136/078 Bradsher MG 3381/1391/1Y2 Bradtmueller JP 6176/ 192/VM1 Brady TA 0111/2146/041 Bragenzer DM 6153/ 881/KAL Bragg AC 0369/1551/V27 Brake LA 0111/2081/312 Branson CW 2621/3437/175 Brausch SJ 6216/3438/1V2 Brewer GD 3529/ 983/SCH Brewer TL 0231/2192/THC Brickheimer AJ 6483/2278/MC9 Bridger JW 1345/ 98/198 Bringas EA 0431/2164/1C0 Brink PJ 2862/2394/15H Brinker II RE 2862/1719/K18 Brinson ME 7041/2107/VRA Brittain JN 5831/3038/R10 Brittich BR 3537/1453/041 Brockman RL 2651/1814/114 Brooks JP 1345/ 67/15S Brooks JW 0848/2083/1NK Brooks KL 0629/1003/040 Brooks WA 0372/1736/KAT Brosam MM 2141/1592/19G Brown BA 3051/1008/016 Brown BT 0369/1521/TP6 Brown CA 0411/1926/15L Brown CA 3529/ 389/973 Brown CH 0451/2898/SAR Brown CJ 2111/1194/1Y8 Brown CR 3451/3285/1FT Brown ES 3043/ 337/S6G Brown JR 0811/ 945/1NB Brown JR 0231/3074/970 Brown K 0211/2505/115 Brown MA 0369/ 633/V32 Brown MR 3451/3282/TMG Brown RD 0619/1544/1G8 Brown SA 2621/2839/1MZ Brown TC 7314/1781/1J2 Brown II DC 0659/3392/1RU Brown II RG 2146/1610/152 Brown Jr AD 7051/ 634/1EH Brown Jr TD 5811/2542/041 Browning BD 3381/1556/V27 Brozowsky JL 5711/ 885/966 Bruch JM 0369/ 534/V14 Brumley JI 0629/ 712/972 Brunson Jr TL 0231/3067/038 Bryant DD 4612/1006/041 Bryant DT 0231/3028/R21 Bryant JJ 1371/ 842/198 Buckner KL 2862/1399/TRZ Buczek AM 1371/ 151/165 Budinger JD 2862/3236/1G7 Buhler BM 0231/3447/1MZ Buitrago RW 0111/1631/980 Bunting TL 1371/ 218/990 Burazin MJ 6048/1778/VM5 Burgan KO 3381/1214/1NG Burgess II CJ 0619/ 917/041 Burke CA 6154/1302/VLC Burke MO 0111/1576/124 Burke MR 0369/ 393/U18 Burke TS 0369/1102/KAE Burkeadams BC 0659/2866/978 Burkett KC 2621/2009/842 Burkhardt NM 0231/1844/1Y6 Burlile NR 0211/2417/114 Burn GF 1371/ 442/041 Burnett AJ 3043/2752/978 Burnett WH 0372/ 347/1MX Burns BL 0369/ 532/KAE Burns MR 1371/ 761/041 Burr KJ 7236/3097/1A5 Burris Jr WM 0431/3230/160 Burt JE 2862/1723/S8V Burton AB 0629/ 590/1R3 Burton JC 0211/3019/115 Busby JM 0313/2258/1GR Butler JD 0369/ 357/973 Buuck NL 0231/1596/077 Buza GJ 6326/1646/VM6 Byfield TJ 1371/ 80/198 Byrne KJ 5811/2945/1SH Byrnes CL 5948/2409/K18 Cable JD 0231/2608/145 Cabrera J 6046/ 204/980 Cabrera Jr AA 0111/3001/L39 Cacho TA 0231/3174/110 Cain BJ 1142/1196/S4C Cain BN 0431/3225/KAA Cain DJ 3043/2255/C05 Cain FC 1142/1558/1NL Cain JM 5711/2658/1JA Calderon G 2111/1474/1C1 Calderon H 3529/ 386/1CM Calderon RA 6483/1414/1JY Callowaysolan VP 4821/1151/1QJ Camacho AI 5811/3191/1SH Camacho AT 3537/1211/1GT Camacho G 6672/1193/R06 Camacho MJ 0481/1240/030 Camarena CA 6174/ 502/027 Camarillo JD 1345/ 53/1XJ Campbell BC 0431/1978/121 Campbell JN 6483/1850/922 Campbell SG 0321/1064/1R6 Campfieldsimi DJ 0431/3427/V33 Campos M 0111/2861/M12 Canal RE 5831/2688/014 Cannella C 2146/1371/967 Cantu CR 0231/1883/MD5 Cantu YM 3043/1316/BAK Cantu ZS 2862/1264/942 Caraballo Jr B 0689/1291/036 Carbone AJ 0659/3425/114 Cardenas CE 3051/ 878/944 Cardenas H 2311/1756/A02 Cardenas R 0369/ 397/V15 Cardona JA 4421/3106/098 Carl JT 6338/ 292/V8A Carlock LJ 0629/ 847/J9E Carlson AR 6492/2247/1JT Carpenter CD 2862/2819/S2C Carr SA 6217/2771/TWD Carr SN 2671/2454/817 Carr Jr SA 0659/3382/036 Carranza AM 0231/2740/1FS Carrasco TC 0431/3229/1QN Carretero RA 1833/ 276/SDS Carrier RM 5821/2746/013 Carrillo C 2823/1930/1MZ Carrion JA 0659/2672/V33 Cartagena J 0111/1715/069 Carvajal H 3051/ 310/226 Cary KD 0689/2272/1FZ Case JB 7041/1865/VMC Casey DD 0811/1042/041 Casiano CE 3451/3061/QAP Cassidy JJ 5811/2493/K46 Cassidy NC 6048/2902/A02 Castaneda F 6048/2312/T0X Castaneda Jr JD 7257/1995/1QF Castaneyra FR 3432/2697/966 Castillo AE 0111/2764/MBH Castillo B 3537/ 462/1EH Castillo RG 0111/1274/1XJ Castillo Jr CC 0431/3322/1EE Castrejon Jr I 0111/2723/092 Castro FU 0431/1888/145 Castro IA 0211/1017/114 Castro LM 0629/ 599/952 Cato DL 6176/1071/VMB Catterson AW 3432/2968/J9F Catterton MG 5953/2793/023 Causey JO 0629/ 655/1G9 Cease CN 6317/ 419/VF2 Cegan CA 0451/2282/1MU Cerdansuarez G 0111/2788/1M7 Cervantes JR 0848/2557/041 Cessna CJ 0372/1298/1MX Chaffin GC 0369/ 17/1GT Chamberlain RA 0231/1982/1ML Chambers KM 0861/3363/040 Champagne CM 6842/2099/JAD Chandler MT 5952/3291/G91 Chaney Jr DL 3537/1199/KAL Chapman TD 0372/ 455/1MU Charles AD 2111/1557/1JU Charlson PR 3043/1759/B29 Charvet PW 6323/ 298/A88 Chason KD 3529/ 381/KAL Chatman Jr WA 3043/2719/1CF Chausse Jr TE 6257/3419/G91 Chavers KM 2311/1527/1EN Chavez JA 0629/ 844/1G9 Chavez JL 0231/2426/TNG Chavez NP 3051/ 234/1Y4 Chavez S 0431/3239/J15 Chears CR 3537/1342/1GT Cheek CA 0111/2253/D93 Cheeseman JT 1812/2457/944 Chemelewski RC 3537/ 453/1J2 Cheng JJ 2336/1378/1YB Cheng S 2862/2231/K9R Cherry FJ 0313/3115/1GR Cheung DW 3381/1684/J9F Cheuvront DJ 6531/2236/VLF Chiodo AS 2141/ 768/KA1 Chiscul AB 0111/2756/1FV Chounthala PP 1812/2295/199 Christian SL 0241/1213/TCJ Christianson JA 0241/1296/145 Christmann DH 7242/3132/1QE Christmas II CE 1341/ 169/1Y8 Chupka MA 0211/3414/115 Church AB 0431/2765/111 Church VG 0659/2841/080 Churchill BD 6113/2116/VHG Cialino Jr S 6326/2158/VMA Ciccione TF 6046/2700/VM1 Cieza Jr W 3043/2530/1MR Cinnamon CR 0369/ 378/KAE Cisneros HE 3043/1602/110 Cisnerosmedin YV 0111/2794/082 Civil O 3043/1605/967 Clark JK 0321/1082/1R4 Clark KL 0369/ 236/A04 Clark MT 0313/2920/KAQ Clark RS 3381/2026/1RX Clarke DR 0481/1962/963 Clay JR 1371/ 168/1CJ Clemens PW 3537/ 188/K46 Clement K 0619/ 916/1G7 Clements TS 0369/ 66/982 Clements II AR 0861/2412/1NF Cleves M 4133/3197/1Y2 Clifford NS 0481/1506/143 Cloyd DG 2146/1239/199 Cobb WB 6842/1430/044 Cochems CA 0481/1245/1US Coco CL 0161/1539/091 Coe ZA 0629/ 698/934 Cohee Jr JJ 0369/1066/V28 Colarusso Jr DV 6842/1830/KAC Cole CC 6256/1511/100 Cole GL 5953/2831/R22 Cole IT 6531/ 812/VLA Cole RJ 4421/3302/025 Colker J 3381/1231/1CF Collazoperez OM 2621/1223/175 Colleli KD 0619/ 606/122 Colley ED 0619/ 140/1G9 Collin Jr G 0629/ 617/K18 Collins PW 2311/1233/942 Collins Jr KR 2651/2021/TVZ Colombo VJ 7051/2534/JAH Colon RE 6153/1407/966 Colvin Jr JL 0369/ 111/V12 Comment SW 1345/ 214/948 Comstock CJ 0231/2876/UCG Conaway MR 0313/2074/982 Connell BL 3043/2828/978 Connor SR 0848/3436/1NP Conquest JR 2621/3339/077 Conrad DB 7051/1570/JAH Contreras J 3537/ 54/908 Contreras JV 6531/1339/1HK Conway BL 0811/ 914/1NH Conway BR 6276/1911/S3F Conyers JD 7041/1591/VMJ Conzo Jr MA 0629/ 297/1QC Cook AJ 5811/2938/026 Cook BD 6286/2882/S3F Cook EM 3537/ 372/225 Cook GA 3043/2722/1JL Cook JM 0369/ 543/078 Cook SM 4421/3352/QAR Cooke LG 0241/1234/114 Cooley CE 5811/2486/044 Cooper BG 0659/3027/R21 Cooper BS 3051/1014/V33 Cooper J 3051/ 819/040 Cooper NW 3051/1138/1RV Cooper ZS 0211/1968/116 Copsey DW 0689/2239/TRF Cordero JR 0659/2416/V15 Cordes JM 3432/3068/1CF Cordle RE 0431/2701/950 Coria E 0811/ 582/980 Corn JS 7257/1927/045 Cornelio WS 2621/3404/1RA Cornelius DJ 2621/3347/802 Cornish AA 0629/ 199/268 Cornwell DL 5811/2500/022 Corona JE 0369/ 668/962 Coronel C 0481/1165/067 Correa Jr MA 6216/3116/VR1 Cortes J 6326/ 433/VMJ Cortespeck EN 0372/1395/1MU Cortez RD 7051/ 142/022 Corwin MS 6531/1992/987 Coryell JM 0211/2266/114 Cosbey KB 4133/2550/15B Cosgrove BG 2336/1001/1YB Coss Jr H 6432/1322/MC8 Costello JD 3451/2473/1FS Courter BA 0369/1642/V34 Cousins YR 7041/2216/040 Covarrubias AJ 6672/1468/974 Covey DE 0629/ 334/KAJ Covey MA 2311/1577/972 Coville SM 6842/1353/1DN Covington CW 6116/1366/1V4 Covington II RA 7257/2802/1L7 Cox DA 5954/3395/R08 Cox MA 6062/2733/1J0 Cox RH 0372/ 941/1MR Crady CA 0431/3330/956 Craft NM 0848/2425/1NP Craghead NK 3451/3410/1ER Craig BH 0369/ 637/KAE Craig TS 2673/1677/JAH Crampton LR 0659/2960/036 Crawley JM 0431/3247/124 Creasman JR 1371/ 756/926 Creed CR 0619/ 246/1NB Creel JM 0848/2350/1NL Crego JA 0629/ 995/1XC Crego JP 6317/1208/VFB Crespoborges M 0369/ 572/245 Criner DV 3451/3292/1FZ Croce EJ 6256/2194/VR1 Cromeans JM 0659/2034/1QB Cronin TE 1371/2889/1UW Crotzer RT 3051/ 473/934 Crowder ME 6332/ 418/973 Crowley AS 2161/3059/J78 Crowsey ML 1391/1416/1QN Crum MR 7236/2996/1L3 Crumedy BE 6252/1411/G91 Cruz A 3051/1325/041 Cruz EF 3537/ 569/KAC Cruz JA 5974/1854/040 Cruz Jr AD 0431/3242/V21 Cruz Jr JA 3537/ 78/960 Cruztejeda CA 0111/1549/1T3 Cueto D 0659/3435/V13 Culpepper LM 0372/2757/1MU Cunningham J WI 3537/1174/114 Cureo MO 1316/1141/995 Curless AC 6531/ 174/V83 Curry JL 0111/2519/976 Curry KE 0629/ 618/040 Curtis AR 0372/ 830/1MU Curtis DC 0211/2513/115 Curtis TJ 6287/2003/VF1 Cutler DJ 6173/ 891/042 Czarniak Jr MV 0211/3137/114 Dalesandro C 6218/ 4/1LX Daley SM 2111/1655/R22 Dambrogi CV 6116/2463/VMJ Dang J 6316/2937/1TL Daniel JT 6046/ 931/1JW Danish AJ 5811/1904/1MT Dannenfelser DW 6326/ 368/971 Darden BP 6217/2331/VF4 Dasilva DV 6046/2398/V6A Dauterive TA 0369/1540/V13 Davidson JT 3529/ 548/979 Davidson PR 0111/1335/QAT Davie RR 0431/3320/V25 Davila Jr RA 1371/ 361/078 Davis AJ 0321/1085/1K3 Davis BM 0231/2184/1GF Davis CD 2311/1329/040 Davis CJ 2674/2167/QAT Davis CP 2862/3150/1LB Davis DG 0431/2568/VHM Davis GA 2862/1640/1G7 Davis JA 0369/1450/078 Davis JH 0629/ 223/952 Davis JM 0629/1949/R17 Davis JW 2111/1548/1MY Davis MA 0372/1161/1MR Davis MR 0372/1620/1MR Davis ZA 2676/1650/817 Davis III MG 2311/1217/978 Davis Jr ML 5811/2504/1SH Davoli MA 0861/3426/1NB Dawson AM 0369/ 318/974 Dawson DA 3112/2789/1CK Dawson TJ 7011/2673/S4E Dayton RA 6276/1497/940 Dazey JA 2862/ 895/988 Dean CC 0372/1623/1MX Deanda RA 2887/3109/1NP Dearmas AD 6218/ 659/V8A Debevec CT 7257/2599/1PN Decker CE 3529/ 588/1QN Decosier CA 0111/2022/015 Dee AW 3043/1493/D70 Deese DF 7212/ 329/K18 Deforest Jr DJ 1345/ 72/15S Delacruz CA 0659/3025/V18 Delaney DR 3529/ 577/940 Delarosa Jr RP 6116/3041/1TC Delasota DE 0481/1418/E59 Delatorre JL 3381/1459/V32 Delcervo NJ 0261/1824/1G0 Delcid JJ 2311/ 82/1Y9 Deleon AD 0431/3416/966 Deleon LC 3381/2735/1Y2 Deleon MA 2171/ 153/1RU Delgadomendez GO 5831/2647/092 Deluca LJ 0211/2066/114 Dement DM 5711/1802/962 Demine AK 0689/2521/1CE Dempsey JD 1345/ 35/15L Dengu BT 0111/1682/041 Denney ML 6672/2142/1JN Dennis MP 6116/3046/MDT Dent SE 0211/2555/114 Derby JP 0619/2351/971 Derenoff BE 0629/ 224/1NA Derstine RJ 0372/2170/1MX Desilva TG 6114/ 841/S6C Desjardin DT 3537/1489/934 Desouza BT 6672/ 987/944 Desroches EG 7051/2860/1QN Dessert II GA 2671/3217/TVZ Deveaux WA 3537/1148/040 Devon KM 5811/2334/014 Dewilde JS 0659/2784/TRF Dewitt TS 5811/2677/944 Dhahbi III J 0659/1946/V11 Dial III JC 0369/ 1/2WX Diao F 0431/3318/996 Dias SG 1171/1695/J33 Diaz AT 1341/ 167/971 Diaz D 0211/3159/114 Diaz MB 2651/2207/175 Diazlopez Y 0111/2692/J9F Diazmoreno LE 6156/ 193/VMA Dickens YT 0111/1575/928 Dickens Jr MA 6317/ 737/G91 Dickerson JW 0629/ 281/226 Dickerson II JL 0811/ 576/1NJ Dickson EO 0111/ 107/1GH Didomenico JP 3537/1331/1CK Diego AC 1141/1517/175 Dietterick BA 3529/2758/1PB Differ JW 6276/1280/1TK Diffey WE 0111/2803/B31 Digel ME 5974/1943/R12 Diggs DA 7242/2997/S2F Diggs KM 0369/ 967/952 Dilorenzo SJ 2621/3312/JAH Dilzer TG 0231/2827/1EE Dimes KE 0659/3142/R02 Dinagomez JA 0111/2849/961 Dinh TD 0861/2554/1NG Dixon AJ 6338/ 196/LAV Dixon CM 2862/2584/1XC Dixon RP 3529/ 913/175 Dockum TW 6116/1847/MDT Doeung S 0629/ 704/1MZ Dohse RC 3043/1941/B31 Doiron II KF 3537/ 316/122 Dolge JJ 1391/ 498/963 Dominguez Jr A 2862/3185/V15 Donahue EF 0211/3251/116 Donato AJ 3043/1425/012 Doran WE 3381/ 909/978 Dorsey BH 6062/2327/1JN Dorsky WJ 3537/1310/040 Doss MA 6252/1799/041 Downs MD 0372/ 414/1MX Downsguevara MH 0629/ 163/944 Drake JR 1371/ 100/041 Draper DD 6672/1794/G81 Drennen DJ 2862/2642/1MY Driggs BA 0659/3012/069 Duarte IM 0372/1244/1MX Dubois JJ 0211/ 934/115 Duenas Jr DR 3529/ 778/972 Dufour MJ 7257/2318/1L1 Duke JR 6531/1522/040 Duke SB 0369/ 369/V36 Dunbar EJ 2131/1835/SNF Dunham CT 0659/3173/1PG Dunlap MG 3537/1187/1MX Dunn KJ 0231/3064/VRA Dunn ND 7041/2653/1JC Dunn PJ 6541/ 304/1JZ Dunn RO 3537/ 961/041 Duralia BH 6326/3442/VMB Duranpreciado A 3537/ 320/128 Duranvillalpa JG 4821/1004/VMJ Duval PR 2671/ 715/1RA Dyal II JP 0481/1936/15D Dymek DP 6116/3076/VM2 Dyrness DL 0231/1921/143 Ealy JW 6124/ 901/1JU Earle AP 0111/2105/1JY Earls KA 3537/ 949/1EA Eason AJ 4821/1419/012 Eastman CM 2621/3345/802 Eberheart RC 2651/2376/174 Eborn III H 6672/1403/T9B Echevarria LM 0411/3166/040 Echevarria J A 5831/2152/275 Echols TL 3381/1811/994 Eckes CJ 2311/1651/1NG Eddins TJ 1833/ 10/942 Edens Jr JM 7011/1625/KAC Edralin LA 0111/2766/C84 Edwards DL 0369/ 951/V12 Edwards JI 0372/ 823/1MR Edwards JW 0431/3286/110 Edwards KJ 2862/3128/1MR Edwards II CD 3043/1609/074 Eggleston RJ 5811/2602/908 Egipciaco BJ 6113/ 551/1HL Egipciaco J 0372/2004/1MX Ehas ME 0659/3364/V23 Ehrenshaft JJ 3112/3164/1Y9 Ehrhart MK 0619/1475/926 Elder MA 3529/ 38/1J2 Eldridge MK 0369/ 373/040 Elgie PA 4671/1048/121 Ellerson WE 4821/1230/239 Elliott JB 0369/ 26/V16 Ellis AW 5831/3090/G86 Ellis JR 0811/1041/968 Elmore RJ 0619/ 700/1CG Elmore Jr VR 0629/2423/040 Elzholz AM 0369/ 137/940 Emerson MA 3112/2925/1Y9 Emery DE 1345/ 91/K46 Emery JM 6042/ 897/040 Emily CB 6173/1491/VHM Emke DW 3529/ 795/S43 Emmert JG 2111/1561/998 Enderton MR 7314/1708/G79 English RA 1371/ 127/QAQ English TM 1161/ 512/1EH Ennis JP 0659/1669/1MZ Enomoto KM 0369/1507/A02 Entrikin JA 1371/ 487/225 Epps RD 2862/2314/1GA Escarment JJ 0659/2264/1CK Escate JM 0313/2603/938 Eschete IJ 0369/ 681/245 Escobedo CM 2862/1368/226 Espanto DM 3381/1657/V14 Esparza C 0481/1321/19C Esparzagarcia CA 3537/ 948/15S Espindola CJ 0111/2747/R17 Espinoza AJ 0111/2790/TWD Espinoza NM 6276/1546/VR1 Espinoza PC 6113/3058/VHM Esquivel MR 1141/1702/078 Estabrook AD 4421/3042/021 Estep III RL 2862/2971/1Y2 Estey BM 7236/3257/K18 Estrada A 3051/ 74/040 Estrada JH 3529/ 797/041 Estrada JI 0629/ 920/V37 Estradabenite A 2671/2720/174 Estradasanche C 6114/2323/VLC Etienne ND 6326/ 29/980 Evans MG 0629/ 863/926 Eveillard BP 3043/ 984/1Y9 Evers KD 6337/1319/G91 Ewain CJ 1833/ 177/987 Ewing RL 1171/ 764/940 Ezell FW 3043/2525/C12 Fagerstrom JM 2621/2904/JAU Falk JR 0431/3212/1CL Farias Jr DH 7011/1629/1XJ Farnsworth RJ 6048/2625/J9E Farnum II WE 6338/ 240/V8A Farrell MJ 0861/2439/1GE Farrish CW 0861/3221/1NG Faught JK 6672/1907/940 Fecher MD 6326/2520/043 Federico LC 6217/2434/1T6 Fehl DJ 0369/1385/V16 Feliciano RA 7051/1884/971 Felix AD 0369/ 656/KAL Feller BR 0372/1747/1MR Felten TD 3112/2681/928 Fennell BR 0848/2204/1NR Fenstermaker JB 0659/3040/122 Fenton III WG 6276/2121/R17 Ferguson BS 0231/3118/115 Ferguson JA 0861/2442/J54 Ferguson TM 0659/3018/026 Ferman BB 0431/3151/1CN Fernandez CF 0111/1578/928 Fernandez E 0241/1124/1ML Fernandez JD 2336/ 34/015 Ferrell CM 1812/2487/199 Ferris RJ 0659/1996/012 Fiaseu CV 5831/ 747/990 Fieger GM 6499/1420/041 Field SA 6531/2153/V6A Fields SB 6492/1975/1JZ Fierros CM 0372/1508/KAT Figueroa AM 3537/1111/971 Figueroa M 0111/1455/971 Figueroa R 3537/1197/1NL Figueroagalve JC 0619/ 97/040 Fillafer RD 0659/3331/SCV Fincannon ND 0629/ 171/1G9 Finnesgard JJ 6256/2967/VRA Fischer MT 2862/2626/934 Fish CA 0431/2923/1MY Fishel CR 0231/3029/R12 Fisher AL 6114/3085/VLD Fisher DD 0619/1615/1G9 Fisher JR 0431/1846/J15 Fisher MH 0231/2727/990 Fisk JW 0689/2182/TRJ Fitzgerald CS 3529/ 503/15H Fitzgerald MR 0629/ 852/992 Fitzgerald ZW 4421/3081/040 Fitzsimmons RL 0431/2678/1UW Fitzwater MP 0629/ 714/968 Flaherty EL 0861/3206/1ML Fleming CA 0372/ 676/1MX Fleming DI 0619/ 922/1PB Fletcher JA 1371/ 102/040 Fletcher RM 6113/2296/VHA Flickinger KR 0431/3271/R19 Floeck V JC 1341/ 3/193 Flores BS 3537/ 311/041 Flores EC 0111/2043/086 Flores J 1345/ 497/978 Flores ME 1361/ 22/1CG Flores V 0241/1290/TCJ Flores III H 6217/2772/041 Flowers LS 1833/ 61/KA1 Floyd CT 0629/ 225/K18 Fluharty BD 7051/2616/045 Flury JA 0861/3272/1GT Foeller AJ 6332/ 652/922 Follett SJ 2862/1531/041 Fonteneau JA 0241/ 856/1J3 Forbes EC 0211/3098/116 Forch DD 0629/ 371/1EG Forguson TJ 1142/1803/KAL Forney TC 6116/3227/VHB Forrest SD 0369/2478/114 Forster DS 3043/1535/C06 Fortin BD 7236/3265/S2N Foster CJ 3051/ 333/952 Foster JM 3432/2970/1Y2 Fowler DR 3537/ 195/078 Fowler JT 0369/ 499/V28 Fowler RD 6153/1034/VHE Fowlkes TH 0369/1532/964 Fowlkes WC 0369/1256/KAC Fox JE 1391/ 780/934 Framo MS 0231/3119/VMD Francies JT 6062/3110/1JZ Francisco AJ 1371/ 170/198 Franco D 4133/3309/1EZ Franco R 3537/ 244/040 Franklin NK 0659/3160/V15 Fratus BJ 0369/ 636/952 Frazier DJ 0629/ 621/1Y9 Frazier HD 6132/2689/1JT Frazier HJ 2862/2333/K18 Fredericks JG 0659/2884/1ML Fredrickson ME 0369/ 915/V17 Freeman DN 0111/2531/T91 Freeman TH 6216/2308/VRA French AT 2336/ 466/1YB Fritter JA 3529/ 325/C21 Frongillo BM 3537/1224/992 Frost MA 0231/1158/1MZ Fry DL 4821/ 565/V23 Frye JT 6046/1619/245 Fudge TN 5831/3054/J9F Fullenwider MD 4421/3287/023 Fuller ZM 0372/1026/1MU Futral JC 0619/ 580/1GH Gabaldon PG 0321/ 294/1R4 Gadeakenning LJ 0111/3194/QAE Gaglio MD 1161/ 858/S2D Gaines ZT 5811/2067/KBA Galbreath CL 0659/2419/SJ5 Galentine WD 0369/ 538/987 Galindo W 6531/1408/041 Gall JC 6154/2974/VLB Gall KT 1341/ 413/1E0 Gallagher DW 0313/2535/1GR Gallagher IV CM 2651/1220/TVZ Gallant CE 0313/2465/KAQ Gallegos AV 3432/2753/1Y2 Gallegos JA 6154/2972/VLC Galvan MJ 0369/ 630/928 Galvan VA 0369/ 459/V31 Galvis MA 5811/2495/K46 Gamboa VM 0111/2005/B29 Gamero LN 4341/2002/094 Gange JC 0659/2274/V13 Gann NB 0659/2787/S8U Gano JR 7011/3205/1EH Garay AM 0629/ 705/1RX Garber GB 6113/3215/1HL Garbizo ZD 7011/1769/027 Garces CD 6672/1828/1JN Garcia AA 0629/ 302/041 Garcia AJ 6046/2186/040 Garcia DD 3529/ 407/J15 Garcia FW 2862/1472/K18 Garcia G 6324/ 56/980 Garcia I 3112/1392/092 Garcia J 0369/ 461/V16 Garcia JR 0369/ 535/KAN Garcia M 2823/ 926/SGB Garcia ML 6113/2944/VHC Garcia NR 0431/2385/040 Garcia RA 0861/1431/1GE Garcia SD 0411/2713/114 Garcia W 6174/ 814/1TD Garcia II JM 1371/ 544/989 Garcia Jr O 3537/1152/1NJ Gardner BP 0451/2288/1S8 Gardner JH 6531/1361/MC9 Gardner MS 0629/ 619/122 Garibay Jr J 1833/ 126/952 Garner DP 0369/ 533/V36 Garris CW 1833/ 252/19G Garrison JD 1833/ 257/987 Garrow AJ 2311/1376/V38 Garvin SC 0659/2449/1EE Garza AT 0111/2721/1MR Garza EN 0861/2374/1NA Garza JA 0241/1295/1CE Gates MG 3529/ 479/1FR Gates ZD 2862/1775/026 Gawat RD 0111/2623/016 Gay BS 6153/ 607/VHC Gbatu ST 0111/2617/092 Geertgens TD 4821/ 784/036 Gelder JM 1833/ 172/19G Gembel RB 3537/ 480/1NE Genaoestevez WS 0111/2880/C30 Gentry SM 2862/1857/988 Gentry III PC 0369/1337/TSR George MT 2862/ 176/121 Georgeson JR 5821/3181/023 Gerace NJ 0689/2749/1XC Geringer RS 2111/2262/1ML Gettings JJ 6092/1822/1J0 Gevko B 6048/2930/R19 Gibbens BP 0511/2966/R02 Gier JE 0369/1441/V27 Gifford TH 0321/1135/1R3 Gilbraith SA 0211/2947/114 Gill DT 1391/1369/950 Gillam SM 0372/1974/1MX Gillespie II WT 6227/1270/040 Gillham SP 6062/2590/1JW Gilliam WJ 0321/2285/1R1 Gilliard JS 0811/ 905/1NE Gilsdorf JD 2862/1917/1EH Giordano JJ 6114/1798/MC8 Giovenco NJ 2621/3369/802 Girona AL 6154/2591/VLC Gironguerrero ED 3381/2172/R14 Givens MD 0111/2741/121 Glade DS 2141/ 923/167 Gladwell TM 6423/1447/960 Glass JK 2621/2512/TVZ Glass NA 5811/2973/044 Gleich CS 3529/ 990/041 Gleisner RW 3529/2873/1US Glenn DS 0629/1955/1XJ Glenn KM 3112/1788/T67 Glenn PJ 3537/ 5/1RW Glenn Jr DL 0111/2071/966 Glover KD 6216/2645/040 Godderidge KB 0321/1134/1R2 Godinez T 0241/ 869/015 Godwin GS 0369/1311/V12 Godwin Jr SC 2621/2907/802 Goetsch HD 5711/1573/122 Gogue AD 5524/ 530/KAC Goldschmiedt K 1341/ 272/1Y6 Golob DW 2671/3208/802 Gomez AR 6326/ 581/VMA Gomez F 3043/2742/TMG Gomez GS 3043/2044/040 Gomez ML 0111/2708/436 Gomezrodrigue F 1141/1795/1CQ Gomezvalerian MA 0111/2919/G78 Gonzales MC 1812/3182/989 Gonzales SG 3043/2754/1FZ Gonzales Jr D 3043/ 504/936 Gonzales Jr R 0811/1130/038 Gonzalez AA 1371/ 247/041 Gonzalez DD 0689/2743/MB1 Gonzalez DI 3537/ 968/160 Gonzalez EA 0431/1990/998 Gonzalez G 0629/ 180/924 Gonzalez IA 1341/ 21/15L Gonzalez J 3043/2395/960 Gonzalez J 3043/ 899/KA0 Gonzalez JI 0629/ 159/1NA Gonzalez JN 1361/ 305/1CG Gonzalez R 3051/ 267/15E Gonzalezvasal Y 0369/ 563/1C1 Gooden B 5711/ 558/041 Goodin AL 6842/ 988/024 Goodson JA 3051/ 249/063 Goodyear GW 0659/1947/1FZ Gordineer IV RC 0369/ 639/V32 Gordon Jr RA 0848/2405/R19 Gordon Sr CQ 3537/1351/041 Gore JD 6173/1498/VHM Gorske NJ 0372/1912/1MR Gounarides FA 5821/2014/1SH Govea MA 6483/2369/J9E Governali CM 0211/2361/114 Gower JW 1371/ 101/1YB Graham BL 6046/3030/V6A Graham JM 0659/3334/1Y3 Graham KD 0241/ 996/1J3 Graham LO 3381/1473/013 Graham RD 0629/ 695/987 Graikowski CR 0369/ 470/KAC Grajales BR 2141/1084/19G Grana I 0111/1994/L9Y Granados GR 2862/ 147/040 Grandoit J 3537/1119/980 Granlund II EB 7011/1388/974 Grant JW 6326/2497/1T3 Grant MA 7041/2582/036 Grasberger J TJ 0848/2429/041 Graves JE 3529/ 774/040 Graves JM 2862/2798/K18 Graves Jr DR 0411/1908/1SJ Gravette AJ 6046/1421/VF4 Gravley II ML 2336/1495/1UW Gray CJ 0369/ 269/V13 Greaves YO 0659/3374/R06 Grebbs JV 0629/ 296/A88 Green CA 3529/ 392/SMV Green CL 3537/ 201/128 Green DK 0369/ 684/KAN Green HJ 0111/2048/908 Green MI 2862/2386/1EN Green MM 4821/1236/013 Green NK 2336/ 351/15L Green RM 1812/1862/225 Green SA 2862/3091/1CM Green SN 6842/2018/1L1 Greene DC 3529/ 490/1NR Greer DE 2887/3136/1FT Greggs Jr AE 3051/ 162/1JB Gregory MK 0629/ 300/1G7 Gregory Jr MS 7242/2717/1QE Greiving KA 2674/2053/175 Gress ON 1345/ 103/1G9 Gribble KS 0629/ 133/973 Grider JD 0111/2033/013 Griffith AV 5831/2709/UGW Griffith SK 0372/1920/1MR Griffith IV PB 0511/2117/143 Grimm DJ 6113/3446/VHD Grimm Jr GJ 5811/2133/K46 Grogan KJ 0861/2165/979 Grose JW 0369/1332/988 Grube WH 0369/ 134/225 Guadron HV 2862/1648/SJ3 Guches AJ 1833/ 138/19F Gudmundson MK 0411/1742/15G Guerra JA 1833/ 154/952 Guerrero AV 6324/ 421/A00 Guerrero L 6174/1568/VLC Guerrero P 3537/ 472/040 Guerrero R 6114/3088/MC8 Guerrerodiaz MR 0111/2336/041 Guerrerogonza C 1812/3184/19D Guevara JC 1141/1442/902 Guillen MA 0431/2679/1JL Guillory KV 2862/2205/124 Gunn CM 5953/2927/G91 Gunther FJ 6483/2019/1JZ Gurney BK 0369/ 365/V26 Gurule Jr JN 6216/1817/1TL Gustafson AE 0659/2280/V34 Gustafson BC 6217/2468/G87 Gusty MP 0211/2456/115 Gutierrez LA 0811/ 835/1NJ Gutierrez Jr FM 0211/3415/116 Gutierrez Jr J 6113/3120/VHG Guzik PJ 0211/2147/115 Guzman ME 0111/1644/964 Gwin ED 0689/2532/143 Haas KL 0369/ 273/971 Haberman DK 6048/2080/1JS Hadden CL 0369/ 721/V24 Hafner TJ 0372/2174/1MR Hagan BS 0369/1142/028 Hager III RA 0211/3313/115 Haggart AJ 0811/ 566/041 Hain KB 0372/ 645/1MX Hakes RJ 4421/3323/R10 Hale AS 0321/ 986/KA3 Hale JD 3381/1580/063 Hale TS 6337/1790/V61 Hall BB 0511/3049/TMG Hall DS 6048/ 417/A02 Hall JP 0211/1876/114 Hall II MS 5821/2110/023 Hall Jr DK 5711/2368/K46 Halonen AJ 0372/1242/1MU Hamel MS 0372/2061/1MX Hamelink JA 2336/1429/1EN Hamilton EJ 0619/1559/1NG Hamilton EM 0369/2458/041 Hamilton JD 0861/3296/1GE Hamilton MA 0629/ 251/1NP Hammer JJ 6332/ 969/999 Hammons JM 0481/1964/R10 Hanania JM 0372/1433/1MU Haney TI 3043/1536/041 Hang TC 3537/ 836/040 Hanke FB 1391/ 492/926 Hanke ND 1142/1800/1F2 Hansen TJ 4133/ 285/15B Hanson AD 6092/1724/043 Hanson JD 3051/ 979/15S Hanson ML 2676/1504/174 Hanson TW 5811/2917/956 Hanush JL 2141/ 614/1ST Harbison BB 0451/2309/1R1 Harding ZT 0369/ 448/KAN Hardy II FL 2171/1792/225 Harjo CL 2311/1505/1CF Harless ZL 0369/ 352/KAN Harned RD 5811/2477/015 Harper KA 5939/1755/1PJ Harrell JL 0811/1185/976 Harrington SL 2141/ 785/040 Harris AL 0659/3037/092 Harris BR 0619/ 662/A00 Harris GJ 0321/ 997/KBC Harris JJ 6046/1466/1HM Harris JL 2111/1163/SHL Harris LS 1371/ 882/1YB Harris PA 6432/1743/MC8 Harrison MC 0431/3231/122 Harshfield TC 0211/3430/114 Harshman EA 0369/1514/KAE Hart MB 5811/2347/040 Hartman TA 0369/ 884/976 Hasan AG 6672/1405/S8F Haskell MM 3051/ 312/040 Hassan RA 3451/2632/016 Hattendorf JC 7051/2748/165 Hauck TJ 0369/ 663/V12 Haug JD 0629/ 219/078 Haverkost CM 6116/1108/V9C Hawkins CD 6672/ 977/928 Hawkins JC 0313/1272/1GR Hawkins II WL 2862/2243/999 Hawley BJ 6276/1478/040 Haycraft MA 6116/3354/982 Hayden AR 0619/ 254/1G7 Hayden BA 0161/ 284/040 Hayes DR 0861/2436/1GD Hayes JJ 6252/2094/922 Hayes NL 0411/2728/040 Hayes PL 5821/1889/022 Hayes TW 0369/2230/V31 Haywood III RT 2862/1588/1G7 Head BA 0161/ 735/964 Heagy RE 0321/1132/J18 Hearn SA 0861/3375/030 Hearne ZR 0431/3370/1MU Heath IV WO 0111/2095/928 Hebert BL 6174/1764/VLF Heggen E 0431/2654/1MU Heigold JA 0369/1173/KAE Heiner AR 0369/ 883/226 Heisinger AJ 1345/ 93/K46 Heiskell AD 0369/1305/1G0 Hellerich CT 0369/ 550/KAN Helms CD 0313/2015/SP6 Helsel PD 6156/ 377/VMD Helton CL 1341/ 49/K46 Hemkes CM 5811/1881/944 Henderson BJ 0481/1691/15S Henderson CL 2823/ 725/1XC Henderson K 3537/ 826/972 Henderson RW 0372/1614/1MR Henderson TR 0659/2965/110 Hendricks BR 6173/2571/956 Hendrix BJ 0811/ 892/041 Henry B 3537/ 248/1NP Henry QM 3043/2011/146 Hensley JL 6326/ 600/MDT Herbison ZW 6324/ 52/042 Herbst MT 0369/ 944/KAE Herglotz PK 6316/2560/1TL Hermanson GJ 0848/2062/R21 Hernandez CE 3043/2261/970 Hernandez CF 6114/2352/MC8 Hernandez D 0369/ 729/KAQ Hernandez DJ 0629/ 330/979 Hernandez DJ 6531/ 573/040 Hernandez DR 6116/3403/MDT Hernandez GL 3051/1147/972 Hernandez HJ 0369/ 738/KAN Hernandez RA 0689/2874/TVZ Hernandez SD 3537/ 824/910 Hernandez III S 0211/1979/114 Hernandezfran A 3043/1593/D07 Hernandezgonz RD 0111/2934/1FV Hernandezquez CJ 3537/1306/041 Herrera CA 5821/2035/1SJ Herrera CR 4421/2287/QAR Herring JM 2141/ 937/962 Herring JR 0211/3337/115 Herrington CA 0431/3308/15E Herrmann MA 1341/ 241/K46 Hersh JC 3537/1177/987 Hethorn DL 0689/2461/15B Hetu RA 6173/2137/1A5 Hewitt JH 0411/1116/TP6 Hickey MR 0211/1698/115 Hickman LL 3044/2655/1Y2 Hicks LC 0629/ 800/116 Hicks YD 0111/3100/QAQ Hicks Jr LK 2336/1221/092 Hidalgo JI 0411/1664/121 Hidalgo II JM 3043/2782/914 Higashimura AY 6492/1851/KAL Hildebrand J RH 1833/ 762/19F Hill BF 5711/2656/078 Hill SL 7051/3002/J9F Hillebrand AM 3381/2154/1Y2 Hinckley JR 3043/2413/S38 Hinkes BM 6154/1855/VLB Hinojosa III C 3043/1599/998 Hirschman Jr WD 0861/3357/1F4 Hitz NA 6154/1707/VLD Hobbs AM 0111/2073/069 Hobelmann CR 0241/ 927/V61 Hobelmann KM 0241/1216/142 Hodges AJ 1141/1763/S8S Hodgkinson NY 2862/2407/974 Hoffman BW 1391/ 685/040 Hoffman MJ 1361/ 438/040 Hoffman PA 0861/3431/1GE Hogue RD 0451/3095/1S8 Hohmeier JC 2862/1529/A04 Hoksbergen WD 7011/3199/146 Holder EG 2862/1039/966 Holiday RK 2311/1488/987 Holley MR 0629/ 678/1RX Hollins AJ 0629/ 939/1GT Hollister ST 6326/ 426/040 Holloway CA 2146/1373/J18 Holly NP 3537/1184/S4K Holman CR 6842/ 327/S2K Holmes DL 0211/2669/115 Holthouser SR 1371/ 332/990 Holzworth DK 0861/3237/041 Hood AK 0689/2362/1RA Hood JR 6332/1013/V8B Hoover RA 0369/ 627/TSR Hopper GA 0629/ 908/A00 Hopper GB 6323/2166/VHD Horn JK 2336/1303/15L Hornick MV 6317/ 261/G91 Horrocks TA 0369/1334/078 Horton CD 6423/2145/1J0 Hoskins NA 2171/ 596/J78 Hostettler CS 6156/ 105/VM2 Hourigan CM 6257/3003/G87 Housel JW 3044/2553/15B Hoverson AR 0369/ 358/225 Howard JD 2111/1525/SN3 Howard RM 0369/ 739/KAE Howe JP 3529/ 880/S2D Howley JA 1391/1687/1YB Hoxie MR 7236/3244/1PM Hoyet JR 0659/3165/944 Hrab HJ 5711/2885/TWD Hubbard KM 0231/2144/1HL Huber TT 3537/ 314/160 Hublard TE 6694/ 62/999 Huckabee WM 6123/1169/MDT Huddleston CD 0369/ 353/KAL Hudnall JR 6324/ 32/042 Hudson JS 6423/1988/1J0 Hudson LT 0369/ 820/KAN Huertavalenci AM 6672/1887/041 Huff KM 0659/1950/1MZ Huff SM 6276/3135/VR1 Hughes BC 6156/ 428/MDT Hughes TR 1833/ 239/962 Hughes TW 3537/ 210/A88 Hughes III P 3051/ 767/014 Hughey GC 6217/3260/040 Huisenga BT 0481/1243/15S Hullinger CM 0369/ 720/038 Humenick EE 2631/2393/174 Hunt JD 0629/ 259/976 Hunt JS 0861/1924/1ML Hunt ML 0861/3362/1NB Hunt NE 1371/ 307/225 Hunt IV FM 2674/1073/802 Hunt Jr JA 6317/ 431/946 Huntley BN 2161/2909/1JV Hurt MW 0629/ 827/TLF Hurt SC 6317/ 143/1T6 Huss LR 0211/2540/116 Hussain MA 0659/3274/143 Hutchinson NL 0411/2736/V11 Hutchison CM 0659/3390/1MY Huynh KH 0431/2702/193 Ibanezbeltran ED 3043/2399/BAG Ibarra JJ 0451/2448/998 Ibrahim DE 0861/2291/1NG Igno CC 6116/1446/1T3 Ihde KM 1142/1564/995 Incarnato JA 5711/2988/1FT Indelicato MM 6276/2235/VR1 Ingram EM 2862/2877/R12 Ingram MC 3043/2816/E84 Ingvardsen JA 7257/2138/026 Ioane DP 1142/1813/1QN Iraheta HL 2311/1225/UKT Iredale MC 0369/1139/KAQ Irons JP 0431/ 59/950 Iruegas CA 5711/2986/110 Irwin JM 0659/2279/989 Isbell MT 5979/3268/1L3 Ivey CW 3529/2853/1CG Jackline IV JJ 6092/2396/1JS Jackson AR 0111/1574/978 Jackson BT 6154/2665/MC8 Jackson DD 4821/ 403/1GR Jackson ED 0111/2954/069 Jackson JW 7051/1486/942 Jackson LK 0211/2572/114 Jackson MD 0231/3168/TP9 Jackson RS 1345/ 511/041 Jackson TJ 0629/ 906/1QE Jackson TM 0111/2357/KAC Jackson TW 5811/2310/K46 Jackson III WH 5979/3138/K18 Jackson Jr D 1371/ 178/938 Jacob J 3052/1002/1Y9 Jacobs BA 0451/2300/SAQ Jacopin SM 5811/2499/1SG Jacquezparada P 3529/ 794/987 Jacuk III JJ 5831/2329/014 Jaimefranco JA 0111/2240/T48 James JT 0619/ 855/040 James PA 3529/ 525/960 Jamrok JT 2621/2817/TVZ Janson TS 0313/1545/KAQ Jarmond JA 1341/ 8/040 Jarquin AA 3051/ 245/1Y9 Jarrett AR 3051/ 828/15L Jasper EE 0369/1299/KAC Jauregui Jr CS 5811/1859/095 Jeanty P 2651/1643/803 Jeche TJ 2862/2177/972 Jefferson ET 0369/ 813/974 Jenkins BT 2131/1070/1GA Jennings CR 0861/2995/1NB Jennings JM 6217/2941/VFB Jensen TR 1833/ 41/040 Jimenez CA 3537/1267/904 Jimenez DU 0111/2712/121 Jimenez FM 3529/ 324/1Y8 Jimenez JJ 6046/2799/A88 Jimenez SE 0369/ 845/UKT Jimenez V 4341/3008/A88 Jimenezcontre R 3381/2036/1F5 Jimenezrosa CR 0629/ 222/956 Jimmerson NL 3529/ 775/19G Johantgen JA 5811/2640/972 John DA 2671/ 437/817 Johnson AN 6338/ 121/1TV Johnson AR 6531/1791/1LX Johnson AR 0372/1745/1MR Johnson BD 0111/2415/E84 Johnson CC 0369/ 593/KAN Johnson CW 6173/1892/VHD Johnson DA 0111/1735/016 Johnson DT 0369/1007/225 Johnson ET 4612/2916/110 Johnson JD 0629/ 290/V33 Johnson JJ 0369/1016/041 Johnson JM 3432/3082/016 Johnson JW 3537/ 323/940 Johnson KB 0111/2092/C87 Johnson ML 6218/ 521/1LX Johnson PA 2147/ 129/J78 Johnson RB 2651/2366/1F1 Johnson RB 6114/2908/VLF Johnson WR 1142/1448/040 Johnson III SH 3537/ 649/15T Johnson Jr CK 0369/1262/V35 Johnson Jr RH 3529/ 584/1RX Johnston MA 5512/1377/281 Johnston MB 0369/ 724/245 Johnston TJ 0811/1078/1NG Jones AF 0659/2256/1LW Jones BM 2111/1820/1MS Jones J 0629/ 962/1XC Jones WA 0629/ 529/1MZ Jones WT 3432/3222/15B Jones ZM 5831/2199/092 Jones III GL 1171/ 731/1UV Jones Jr DE 3432/3147/007 Jones Jr RC 1391/1499/940 Jonese DR 2336/1020/167 Jordan AJ 0372/1255/1MU Jordan MD 6336/ 524/VRA Jordan WP 0861/3325/J54 Jordan XA 1345/ 213/040 Josemendez JA 7257/3303/1L1 Joseph K 3381/1215/15B Joseph MJ 3043/1757/960 Joyce TD 0211/2422/114 Juarez FJ 3529/ 769/1J3 Juarez MJ 0321/1056/1R2 Judd SL 0369/1451/KAN Justin PK 0111/2527/C75 Kailing EJ 4821/ 395/1CK Kakouris KA 5952/1933/1DN Kaplan ML 0619/ 486/988 Karhoff Jr LM 0431/1140/1F1 Karnath ML 4341/2994/C23 Kaufman ZE 2651/1898/TVZ Kay JM 0211/1712/115 Kaya JY 0861/3224/1ML Kear CA 0848/2159/1NG Kee DA 2336/1637/1YB Keeku LJ 6173/2076/042 Keens BN 0231/1959/TRF Keeton MA 0629/ 30/1Y8 Kehlenbeck CA 0231/3113/JAL Keim AL 0241/1374/114 Keiser JW 6432/ 43/992 Kelley JR 0369/ 736/KAG Kelley MA 0369/ 628/V13 Kelly BP 5811/2666/UCG Kelly CA 6113/2241/1FP Kelly DP 6116/3409/VMC Kelly SJ 0369/ 561/041 Kendall RS 7212/ 128/1EG Kendrick MD 3381/2273/V22 Kendrick SI 6337/2588/V61 Kennedy HG 0111/2224/980 Kenner CC 1391/ 624/1YB Kent DW 0659/3013/936 Keosoukanh SS 0629/2024/128 Kerekanich JL 6176/ 117/VM1 Kern JR 7314/1709/TRZ Kern SM 3537/1191/040 Kern Jr MD 0369/ 719/992 Kernen Jr AR 6116/1786/VM4 Kettenring DR 1371/ 89/040 Keyes MD 3537/ 970/961 Keziah BW 1391/1815/1CJ Ki JS 7011/2780/1XJ Kiehnau MJ 0111/2663/080 Kiehnau ML 6114/2171/TWD Kies MG 2862/2558/012 Kilbourne ME 0659/2729/912 Kilman BA 2674/1761/1MY Kim AD 0861/2883/938 Kim DS 2862/2545/1ML Kim HM 0111/2639/040 Kim KW 0241/1167/116 Kim PY 0659/2854/1EM Kimble KM 6048/2587/G91 Kimbriel KD 0369/1323/V28 Kinal JG 0369/ 559/V28 King AM 2147/ 902/946 King CC 6531/1547/VFB King CK 3537/ 832/KAC King JL 2862/2596/KAL King JP 0369/ 733/KAQ King ML 5831/2577/023 Kinzly Jr CW 0659/3172/R14 Kirby AJ 4341/1868/938 Kirichenko IV 2161/3328/R08 Kirkham AV 3051/ 955/K18 Kirkley SB 2862/1733/130 Kirkpatrick CA 0629/ 564/1NE Kistler PR 2651/1902/JAL Kizzee CD 0111/2690/970 Klein LM 7242/3195/1PJ Klingler DJ 6531/1829/MC8 Kluh CS 0231/3157/1R4 Klyber SM 2862/2232/R21 Kneut DJ 0313/2714/1GS Knight BK 3381/ 993/15B Knight JD 6113/1856/928 Knight IV JC 0372/1136/1MR Knox JT 2336/1492/1UV Koch WL 0372/1404/1MR Koehler LJ 0689/2263/TVZ Koenig JS 3043/2869/B70 Koenig LM 6842/ 954/1L2 Koerber RL 0369/ 609/938 Koestner GM 2621/2452/1C1 Kohls LA 2676/1661/W52 Kolba J 0372/1386/1MX Kolodey EW 0659/2910/R08 Kopta JP 0372/1238/1MU Korabou D 3529/ 677/1G7 Kornegay JE 3381/1103/040 Kortum SM 0481/1842/1CK Kortum Jr MA 6154/1721/042 Kortz AR 2111/1801/G18 Kovac JM 6092/2573/S7F Kovach JR 3537/ 263/1Y6 Kowalski AJ 0659/3333/S2H Kranz RJ 0211/2820/114 Kraus RC 6256/3343/1V2 Krause ZA 6132/3245/SEW Kremmel AD 0241/1246/077 Krettler J 0431/2488/1MX Krieg CH 0369/ 158/226 Krist MB 7051/2724/057 Kroh BI 2862/2400/TP6 Krompart GW 0481/1292/1CJ Kruger EE 0481/1439/A00 Krupetskiy A 0659/2840/1NJ Kubik CM 6332/ 660/V8B Kubow JR 6326/2203/MDT Kueck KM 0659/2418/041 Kugelman MW 6324/ 50/VLD Kuhn JR 2621/3317/802 Kuhn RN 4821/ 197/VLB Kumah DK 6672/1033/1JY Kurtz AT 6492/2562/JAD Kusterbeck KM 0451/2896/1R2 Labrecque AM 1345/ 568/K46 Lacey GH 3043/2834/R22 Laderer EL 0211/2878/115 Lagalbo MP 0369/ 585/KAG Lagno Jr TJ 3432/2744/040 Lake FR 5831/2975/014 Lake II FC 0431/1875/KAC Laliberte SK 0372/1065/1MU Laloup AT 3537/1096/1RS Lam T 0431/1894/030 Lamano KL 1141/ 349/016 Lamb AL 0231/1976/V22 Lamb JL 2146/1601/SHP Lambert CE 0211/2893/115 Lamberty JE 0811/ 586/1NB Lamora V 6423/1479/KAL Lampear SL 0111/1038/111 Lance CA 1345/ 141/K46 Landis RA 1142/1632/944 Lane Jr SA 0659/2963/1GA Langley JE 0431/3388/R12 Lankford LC 3051/ 547/1CN Lantz TL 3052/ 60/1Y9 Lappin IV JM 0372/1051/1MU Lara FD 0111/2006/TMG Large DS 0211/3424/116 Larkin MS 2862/2229/999 Lashbrook WT 0659/2783/1EN Lashley AS 0372/1200/1MU Laster SD 1371/ 152/1Y5 Latimer AE 6326/ 356/VMJ Latour DC 0629/ 556/1S8 Lau W 0211/2775/115 Laurvick PM 1371/ 150/225 Law BD 0161/1700/040 Law WR 2311/1227/942 Lawas GN 6048/2924/VME Lawrence CE 0481/1841/1Y3 Lawrence JP 7051/2524/1XJ Lawson JM 6217/3261/040 Lawson PA 2336/ 932/1UW Lazzaro NJ 3043/1738/066 Leal JA 0431/2027/1ER Leal S 1142/ 722/952 Leamon SC 2111/1445/C59 Leblanc Jr RL 6338/ 116/1TV Lebron RR 0111/1737/VR1 Lecce SD 0372/1470/1MX Lecompte KR 1391/ 798/952 Lecomte BL 1391/1838/040 Ledesma III JL 1161/1228/S7H Ledger RM 1371/ 491/1Y4 Leduc JK 5811/3077/1SG Lee AR 2147/1297/1CM Lee ES 6324/ 13/952 Lee JS 0659/ 94/1L3 Lee KA 0629/ 258/V34 Lee RG 3043/1690/964 Lee RY 6326/ 427/041 Lee Jr DA 0629/ 853/1XC Leech JM 5811/3004/091 Legnosky JA 6314/1827/S43 Lehman AW 0369/ 629/V25 Leibnitz MA 0629/ 227/15S Leidecker TW 6276/1649/1TK Lemelin RT 2631/1877/JB9 Lemerond TR 0111/2646/TSR Lemoine EH 4421/2460/034 Lemon CD 5948/2847/K18 Lemons J 0369/1188/952 Lemy J 0111/2648/012 Lentz JL 0369/1301/K61 Leo Jr G 6046/2814/VHC Leon KS 0431/3275/1J2 Leon RD 0111/2776/R06 Leonard CB 0372/ 157/1MX Leonard JA 2862/2750/R21 Leonard MG 0659/3332/1SH Leonardo MS 6332/1863/041 Leonmalave AR 3043/1480/G91 Leopold WI 0369/ 875/041 Leposki MA 2862/2237/1MT Leseman JP 0111/1783/QAS Lester DA 5821/1871/091 Letofsky SL 0861/3321/1NF Leverenz CS 1391/1101/963 Lewine AD 0369/ 925/KAQ Lewis CR 0411/2956/C42 Lewis JM 3043/1608/SJ5 Lewis KM 0629/ 707/956 Lewis SP 6116/3342/1TC Lewis ST 0111/ 890/960 Lewis SW 0481/1550/15S Lewis TO 3537/ 476/1F2 Lewison CM 3112/2489/017 Leyva JG 0111/2163/TM6 Light CP 0659/2185/066 Lightle II RW 2862/2275/V23 Ligon BM 0372/2060/1MU Lilley SZ 5811/2675/014 Limones Jr R 0629/ 625/1ML Lincourt MJ 6287/2565/VF2 Linder SG 7257/2339/057 Lindsay JM 0659/3329/J15 Lindsey DD 0629/ 208/1Y2 Lindstrom WJ 6499/1823/1JT Lingle Jr JD 6132/2313/1JY Linhares BT 2862/3186/KA0 Link EN 0619/1627/040 Link LJ 2862/3240/K18 Liragutierrez JR 3451/3179/R08 Lisasuain W 2862/3187/K18 Lister CM 0861/2528/1NP Littlefield MS 0511/2297/1FZ Livermore TA 2651/1740/802 Livingston JM 2631/1870/842 Livsey JT 0431/3241/1UW Lizarraga CE 0629/ 69/198 Llorenscaball LH 0629/ 398/967 Lloyd RJ 2621/3310/MB1 Lober AW 3381/1569/UMA Lober CE 2621/2377/802 Lockwood AF 2621/2825/TVZ Logan TR 6326/1825/1T3 Lohmann TF 0369/1443/078 Lombard TP 6174/1460/1TD Long BD 6113/1872/023 Long DC 1833/ 745/KA1 Long JP 0372/2049/1MX Longan JD 6323/ 415/MDT Longo RD 0211/2265/114 Longoria MA 6218/ 338/V8A Longoria Jr VM 0369/ 727/041 Looney DR 0369/ 73/V26 Lopes NJ 0659/2795/K18 Lopez A 0369/ 537/V11 Lopez A 0111/2358/V6A Lopez AL 3043/1590/972 Lopez AR 6672/ 92/1JU Lopez CJ 0619/1024/1NL Lopez CM 0629/ 991/19C Lopez DA 0659/3387/S2D Lopez DM 2311/1229/A04 Lopez EA 2887/1890/J54 Lopez J 0231/2846/R10 Lopez J 6432/1415/G91 Lopez JA 3537/ 469/225 Lopez JR 6222/1069/MC9 Lopez JS 0411/2008/V17 Lopez KM 0111/2660/1PF Lopez L 3043/1782/KAL Lopez LA 6672/1467/1JW Lopez RA 0629/ 849/040 Lopez SC 5954/3207/G91 Lopez TZ 6048/2298/VHC Lopez VJ 0861/3167/1F4 Lopezescobedo NA 0111/2842/J54 Lopezgonzalez LG 3537/ 15/15B Lopezguillen M 0369/ 65/M68 Loredo CR 1371/ 118/193 Lorenzofiguer LA 0369/ 575/V32 Loria IH 0619/ 854/041 Losey MV 6174/ 424/A88 Losongco RD 0111/2104/041 Lottering WE 0372/ 229/1MU Loughner NJ 2621/2037/1MY Louis S 4821/ 400/226 Louis Sr AN 2862/3192/936 Louissaint JA 0372/ 615/1MX Low SC 0659/2843/V33 Lowe CR 6116/3276/VM1 Lowe CT 2862/1524/1PJ Lowe ST 6048/2604/1T6 Lowery AR 0369/ 501/936 Lowing NL 6123/1444/MDT Lozano NJ 6287/3123/G97 Lubbers JA 7051/2511/041 Lucas MD 6317/1519/040 Lucero MJ 0369/ 751/UAN Ludlam MN 2311/1496/012 Luebbert JA 0689/2437/TM6 Lugo AA 7242/3023/1EC Lumpkins CR 6323/ 657/1HN Luna AR 3451/3304/990 Luna JL 5831/ 380/966 Luna K 2862/2079/SG8 Luna N 0111/2225/966 Luna Jr JM 6156/1516/T0X Luncan Jr LJ 0369/1153/961 Lundy BC 6048/2897/1J0 Lundy II AT 3432/3062/091 Lunsford RL 6124/ 924/A88 Luper JL 0369/1050/V23 Lupo Jr NC 0629/ 789/1G7 Lyles Jr KP 5811/2943/036 Lynch CJ 0811/ 806/1NG Lynn MT 6324/ 39/1T5 Lyttle CA 3451/3402/129 Maben TC 0629/ 262/1PB Macdiarmid CA 0372/1090/1MU Macdonald KJ 6672/1520/1JZ Macias C 2621/3294/819 Macias J 0372/1083/1MU Mack BR 0629/ 664/A02 Mack SC 0629/ 130/1MS Mack Jr DA 0372/ 33/1MX Mackey BW 0321/1057/KAQ Maclary RL 0369/1275/KAG Maclean MP 0313/3101/1GT Madden CS 3537/ 232/952 Madriaga SA 6114/1807/S6C Madrid CS 2146/1692/J9E Maedke RK 5811/2762/K46 Maestas JT 6048/1971/VMB Maffia ME 6323/ 441/VHA Magana HH 0111/1722/987 Magee RV 0629/ 217/971 Magobet Jr K 0369/ 70/987 Mahone CA 0629/ 701/K18 Makuch JD 0369/ 233/016 Maldonado J 0111/1774/094 Malik AL 5952/2870/R10 Mallard MJ 5711/2389/142 Malone JE 0372/ 440/1MR Manderino AL 2621/3393/174 Mangrum CO 3043/2605/G63 Manley JH 2621/2238/802 Mann RC 0369/ 460/V27 Manning CM 0629/ 772/976 Mansheim BM 0811/ 958/A00 Mantillaguill DA 3381/1586/UMA Manzke MA 6154/1317/040 Mapes ZT 2111/1248/1RS March LR 0411/2914/V22 Marchant JB 0241/ 859/TCJ Marin FR 0111/2879/080 Marino EE 0369/1512/078 Marks III OJ 0861/3246/1NF Marlow BA 0629/ 803/160 Marlow TC 0369/ 591/040 Marnell FX 3529/ 870/122 Marquez BM 5811/3014/1MT Marshall JR 2621/3408/1LB Marshall Jr GE 6046/1658/V9B Martin AC 3529/ 978/SND Martin MJ 3537/ 554/16D Martin TR 0619/1554/1NP Martin III RL 5821/1983/092 Martinez AM 5811/2114/027 Martinez AM 6672/1571/041 Martinez CD 0369/ 807/V21 Martinez CT 0689/ 295/1MU Martinez JS 4341/2961/C23 Martinez LS 0511/ 27/996 Martinez M 0111/ 911/1TV Martinez MA 0369/ 452/078 Martinez MC 0619/ 286/992 Martinez OO 0619/1300/052 Martinez Jr C 1161/1232/934 Martinez Jr G 7051/ 829/966 Martinson MS 6216/3216/VR1 Massaglia LA 7041/2633/057 Masson CW 6154/2940/VLC Masters Jr TJ 2673/1283/836 Mata C 3051/1166/R14 Mateo PE 1812/2600/902 Mathewson AJ 0369/ 555/KAE Matney Jr WL 5974/2249/052 Matson JA 0211/ 355/115 Matthews MT 3451/1873/982 Matthews Jr PD 0431/3412/V27 Matus Jr MS 6062/2306/S6C Matutesalinas KF 6153/ 999/1HT Matz CS 2336/1288/1YB Mawyincedeno JE 3537/ 144/1Y4 Maxwell DF 4821/ 526/1TV May RJ 2336/1612/1US May Jr AW 0629/ 799/1PB Maynard SA 6217/2791/040 Mays BJ 0481/1250/1CF Mcandrew KJ 6154/2111/1HM Mcaughey Jr MM 0321/1129/1R1 Mcbee Jr DL 1833/ 37/KA1 Mccammon MM 3051/ 79/070 Mccann TC 0659/2855/124 Mccarthy BP 2621/1922/TVZ Mcclarry Jr RM 2631/3394/174 Mcclure TF 3529/ 903/SG8 Mccollough JE 2171/1218/S8W Mccomis TA 0451/2359/BAV Mcconnell AR 0369/ 811/A02 Mccotry AL 4421/3065/1CF Mccourt CM 2862/2619/SG8 Mccourt JR 5711/2693/1QB Mccown BM 6132/3084/MDT Mccrary CB 6212/1203/239 Mccreary PR 5512/1689/281 Mccreedy EA 0659/3039/S4E Mcdonald CD 6156/ 429/MDT Mcdonald CP 0659/3155/R19 Mcdonald JL 7051/2134/146 Mcdonald NB 3537/1028/041 Mcdonald RJ 3044/2428/1CF Mcdonald Jr SE 0689/2233/1RA Mcdowell JK 3529/ 673/093 Mcgee TR 6217/2072/970 Mcgrath HJ 0372/2451/1MR Mcgraw JD 2671/ 658/W52 Mcgregor CD 0659/3031/040 Mcgregor TJ 0231/1867/115 Mcgrortyhunte CC 0659/3335/15S Mcgrouty TD 0689/1918/1Y2 Mcgurn CM 2311/1659/040 Mcilwrath MJ 0111/2667/022 Mcintire BN 6218/1068/1LX Mcintosh AE 4821/1207/VF1 Mcintosh JM 6257/3133/1T6 Mcintosh Jr WD 5979/3016/K18 Mcintyre SE 1171/ 928/040 Mckee JS 5953/2804/1PN Mckee VN 0629/ 303/1Y2 Mckeever BJ 7242/2569/946 Mckenzie DS 0689/1963/TM6 Mckenzie RA 3043/2168/966 Mckinley JD 2621/2950/800 Mckinley Jr RK 0629/ 612/1MS Mckinney LR 0629/1022/962 Mckinnis LD 6116/3421/MDT Mcknight DL 0629/ 989/1CH Mcknight Jr MA 6153/ 603/VHC Mcleod CM 0111/2856/014 Mcmillen DE 3043/2533/908 Mcmillian BE 0111/2643/160 Mcmullan CT 0861/3267/1GR Mcmullen SJ 0372/1552/1MR Mcmullen Jr W 3451/1279/1CC Mcmurray MT 5811/2283/012 Mcnally II JM 3043/1579/15F Mcneely JJ 5711/1562/994 Mcneely SL 0629/ 505/967 Mcnicholberna BJ 5524/ 717/041 Mcnutt DR 3451/3299/J15 Mcquiston II JA 0241/1009/TM6 Means Jr ML 1833/ 122/KA1 Mears JP 4133/3219/019 Mechreki M 0369/ 477/V28 Medeiros SA 0629/ 709/226 Medina AA 4821/ 710/143 Medina Jr JA 5811/3180/1MT Meehan JM 7242/1387/1EC Meek ME 3043/ 801/122 Megleo DL 6176/ 108/S6D Meho BM 3381/1456/952 Mejia AD 6174/ 475/225 Mejiachavez JC 3529/ 670/1NE Mekealian CR 5524/ 404/S8J Melchor C 2862/2156/1R3 Melendez JA 3112/2293/970 Melendezdiaz A 1833/ 640/KA1 Melton DR 6114/2767/MC8 Melvin TM 3043/2829/B93 Menard JF 0659/3336/1R1 Mendenhall ER 2161/3300/1JX Mendez J 0659/ 184/110 Mendez OJ 0111/2101/UBY Mendez Jr R 2862/ 289/1G8 Mendezsanchez KT 0111/2737/QAE Mendibles DA 6541/ 20/1JW Mendoza MA 0861/3397/1NP Mendoza T 4421/2563/025 Meno CR 6499/1125/1JQ Mercado A 3043/3440/1Y9 Merced JC 1341/ 36/15H Mere L 3381/1693/168 Mernenko L 0372/1186/094 Metelak AJ 0431/2020/040 Metellus GR 0111/2630/1M2 Method MM 0111/3443/T43 Metzel NE 0369/ 754/V24 Meyer ML 1833/ 119/19G Meyer SA 6173/2821/042 Meyers CE 0372/ 309/1MU Meza JE 0451/3026/16D Michael JD 2141/ 641/15H Michel ZH 3537/1180/1LB Middlebrooks TA 6092/2807/1JN Mihalecz KM 0369/ 787/KAG Mikulec D 5711/ 321/143 Miles Jr GA 0411/1905/145 Miles Jr RC 0848/3324/1NP Miley DA 1833/ 335/19F Milks KA 0861/2391/1MT Millan R 3381/1349/J9F Miller AJ 0431/3298/1YA Miller BM 0372/1705/1MU Miller BS 6338/ 411/V8A Miller GJ 3451/3069/087 Miller KN 6116/1762/1T3 Miller MJ 0511/3045/971 Miller MR 0659/2367/111 Miller NA 0431/3213/V24 Miller OJ 1341/ 104/198 Miller PA 0231/ 308/121 Miller VL 0211/2901/115 Miller Jr DA 3537/1327/1PG Miller Jr DL 0689/2379/TVZ Mills CE 3043/2234/15F Mills CE 3537/1258/040 Mills DJ 0411/1932/R22 Mills TR 0431/1928/950 Milner JM 6173/2221/S7L Milton PF 0161/1703/041 Mingus MJ 0431/3367/1Y2 Mink AS 2621/2315/175 Minnichbach JM 2862/1128/987 Miranda EA 0369/ 539/KAQ Miranda KS 6216/3152/1V2 Miranda RP 0369/ 367/966 Mistral Jr P 0481/1249/V33 Mitchell BL 6113/2942/1HT Mitchell KA 0211/ 231/114 Mitchell TD 3381/ 965/012 Miya AK 2862/1734/1NL Mock JR 0861/3379/041 Mock MA 3043/1603/069 Moctezuma M 0619/ 344/V33 Moffett SD 0161/ 317/1Y2 Molano C 0629/ 862/V11 Moletclytus LF 0629/ 671/942 Molina DD 0629/ 864/JAB Molina RA 0811/1037/1NJ Molz DA 0231/1840/956 Monroe JR 0689/2188/15B Monroe MS 5821/3129/1SH Monroy CA 6217/2245/R06 Montalvoriver RA 0689/2751/1DX Montellano Jr JJ 3051/ 313/999 Montelongo LE 0629/ 595/V25 Montelongo Jr R 3537/1286/A00 Montes Jr S 5811/2124/R00 Montoya JP 3537/1114/095 Moody EA 0369/ 732/V35 Moon AM 2111/1484/996 Moore AL 5711/3096/944 Moore DA 6046/1360/948 Moore MA 2862/3262/R14 Moore TL 7051/2301/040 Moore Jr KL 6046/1363/111 Moraherrera ME 4821/ 401/1XC Morales FL 0321/1059/1R3 Morales JM 0369/ 458/966 Morales TY 6326/1810/VM1 Morales Jr M 6217/1375/041 Moralesrivas GR 0431/2682/966 Moree TR 0369/ 887/KAC Moreira R 6423/1777/1JY Moreirabaruck T 6154/2474/1HM Moreland AR 0431/3315/KAC Morelli JV 2862/2509/130 Moreno HH 5811/1858/K46 Morenotuesta DJ 3529/ 683/226 Morey JS 0431/3202/1Y3 Morgan ER 2862/2213/980 Morgan JE 6338/ 299/1TV Morgan RL 0369/ 805/SL8 Morozko LJ 1345/ 125/A04 Morris C 6176/ 412/940 Morris CM 0369/1357/060 Morris JA 5811/2345/1SG Morris JM 4421/3047/1CF Morris KM 2862/3111/175 Morris Jr AT 0629/ 749/016 Morrison AD 0111/1538/1C0 Morrison JS 0369/1259/V34 Morsch RC 5831/2890/R12 Morse CO 0629/ 182/1MX Moscoso R 2862/3007/1MZ Moscovich AM 2147/ 495/KAL Mose BL 0369/1389/V24 Moules II LF 7257/2304/S2K Mowrer JM 3529/ 857/1DY Moynihan SP 0659/3381/R08 Mucetti LJ 2631/2597/TVZ Muckelroy CM 3537/ 474/041 Mulherron AI 0369/1144/V37 Mullens CA 0111/2223/233 Muniz EM 2621/1901/1MZ Munoz C 3051/ 274/961 Munoz E 0811/1054/967 Munoz I 7257/3355/024 Munoz J 2111/ 831/1EC Munsayac NS 6048/2622/1JU Murguia III E 0659/2777/V13 Murillo KG 6048/2467/1JY Murphy MD 7051/2143/946 Murphy MJ 0372/2055/1MX Murray KH 0689/1436/1ER Murray LM 3381/1393/1NR Murray II CP 1341/ 14/198 Murray III TJ 0659/3391/R22 Murrell DC 0161/ 723/152 Musclow ZM 6222/1076/1JS Myher SL 5711/2319/1NA Mykoo AN 5711/2691/122 Nagelkerk IJ 6042/ 399/970 Nagowski JW 0659/2382/TLF Nahale DW 7236/2962/1L3 Nakayama SY 2862/3035/R12 Nanez A 5811/2671/044 Nanez AC 5811/2210/044 Nanku RR 2862/ 173/15H Nannery CW 3112/2773/1DX Napoleon OL 3043/2038/041 Napoles PJ 0659/2964/TKX Narez BJ 6531/1934/G9K Naselli AC 0321/1049/1R6 Nash RE 0372/ 179/1MR Nauman TA 2336/1565/1EH Nava LC 6116/3050/VMB Nava RS 3381/ 894/1Y2 Navarrete EC 0619/1981/KAL Navarro Jr AF 0231/3146/JAL Navarro Jr DS 0659/3423/1G7 Navarro Jr FX 3051/ 266/016 Naveiro MT 1141/1526/J33 Neel JS 0431/3056/VF4 Negron JA 0629/1837/1F4 Negron JS 2862/ 200/SG8 Nelson MM 3381/1585/J78 Nettles DL 3381/1121/146 Neu SD 0111/3032/U80 Neville RT 2146/1826/1US Nevins MT 1341/ 28/19C Newbern NB 0231/2187/110 Newsome DJ 2862/2106/V31 Nguyen AD 2862/2536/1MX Nguyen TT 2862/3248/K18 Niangoran I 0111/3143/1MX Nicholas JA 2336/1159/1YB Nichols JR 2311/1987/992 Nicholson CV 0431/3252/VLB Nickell JG 1371/ 488/041 Nicolas RV 1341/ 58/15H Niewiek AS 0111/1731/V8A Niezgocki GB 2874/2335/1XC Nikitin TV 2823/ 860/K18 Nimbona T 0211/2958/115 Nims QA 7051/1751/023 Nitta IM 6048/2931/1V1 Noack JR 0481/1606/1US Noah MM 0111/2918/TF4 Noble AP 0369/ 604/V15 Noguez AA 6531/2132/972 Noland ZD 1371/ 674/041 Norberg PM 0369/2195/V13 Nordone JR 2171/1010/1ML Noreen BL 0313/1621/226 Norman WE 6217/ 409/A04 Norris MA 0659/3385/1MS Northcut MJ 6174/1104/042 Novotney JL 5821/2906/014 Nowling SE 6113/2482/MDT Nunez Jr CM 0659/3256/950 Nunezmartinez F 3529/ 985/15S Obado MT 1341/ 25/1YB Obregon GL 3043/2730/999 Obregon JI 7041/3188/036 Ocallaghan TD 0659/3386/1ML Ocampo M 6492/2281/1JZ Oconnell SP 0231/1843/960 Oconnormarque AT 0659/2403/SMS Odonnell BM 0372/1063/KAT Odonnell TC 2111/ 653/C08 Olchowoj MW 0861/3365/1GD Olin AM 0321/1089/1R6 Oliveira A 0369/ 817/040 Oliveira JN 6046/1594/JA7 Oliver CI 2651/2007/183 Olmsted BM 6153/ 665/976 Olsen SW 0231/2710/1MU Olson CC 0629/ 396/1RX Olson DJ 1341/1027/1NP Olsoncostello TJ 7051/2698/JAH Ombao JP 3529/ 18/1Y5 Omion S 3043/1072/063 Oneal JK 0321/ 250/2WX Oneill MD 0231/2607/TVZ Onley JS 3451/3288/1F5 Ontiveros JG 3529/ 910/944 Oqueli A 0211/2373/115 Ordonez JJ 6217/ 175/946 Ordway AM 6113/2372/VHA Orelien C 7236/2392/1QD Orellanamejia JM 0231/2051/VHB Orial AD 6113/2694/MDT Orihuela CJ 4421/3161/033 Oroquita IV RR 3451/3279/TP6 Orozco JJ 3537/ 211/19D Orr JF 0372/1406/1MR Orr LB 0481/1760/J15 Ortega TS 0659/3117/1R2 Ortegavelez MA 0411/2657/1CP Ortiz J 3537/ 88/966 Ortiz JA 0211/3350/115 Ortiz JE 1371/ 758/1PG Ortiz MR 0231/3092/1A5 Ortizrivera HO 6048/1885/1JT Ortizsantiago JR 5821/2844/013 Ortyl AT 6276/2951/S5J Osborne JD 4341/2169/1C0 Osborne NS 0111/1641/026 Osborne PA 3051/ 553/040 Osoresarzubia G 0111/3156/LA9 Osthoff DS 0372/1146/1MR Osuna BA 0111/2808/094 Otero A 1391/ 99/1Y7 Oteromatias VD 0231/1839/110 Ovalle JG 1371/ 113/193 Owens JM 0369/ 354/V22 Owzarski WP 0659/1957/TG8 Pacheco JO 0629/ 626/995 Pacheco JT 0369/ 319/KAN Padgett EM 6092/2609/1JU Padilla MQ 0689/1953/MB1 Padillatorres OS 6114/ 953/1HK Paez DJ 6046/1397/979 Pagan JM 0659/3399/1CE Page JN 3537/ 191/15T Paguia MS 2862/1315/041 Paisley RD 2862/3079/K18 Palacios AE 0629/ 605/1EG Palcer CW 0659/2251/TSR Palek AS 6062/2307/268 Palencia EL 6046/1412/S3C Pan JY 0111/2662/980 Pangilinan RL 0111/2103/971 Paniagua AL 0369/1060/KAN Pankey PD 1371/ 485/225 Pantoja MA 0111/2634/1C1 Paprocki JM 2862/2491/110 Paramo JA 0313/1808/987 Parham DT 2621/ 943/174 Parham JD 3043/1754/282 Parker JM 6092/2620/G91 Parker MO 0111/2822/QAB Parkison CD 0369/ 350/V17 Parmar AS 2676/1660/817 Parr JR 2673/1380/802 Parrett JG 3381/ 919/UMA Parrish SM 0211/2139/115 Parrnelli CJ 3451/2175/086 Parslow DM 0861/1895/1MT Parsons CW 0241/1075/967 Partika JP 3043/2835/1CK Partridge CD 0372/1091/1MU Pastor Jr MG 6531/1276/A02 Patch EE 0861/2305/1GD Pate NR 0689/3015/K18 Patino E 0511/2981/145 Patrick DC 5811/2734/041 Patrick JW 0369/3346/233 Patrick MJ 3451/3420/040 Patron RA 6531/1277/972 Patterson CS 0689/2089/SIJ Patterson CT 6173/1471/1FP Patterson DE 0411/2248/1Y1 Patterson NL 7257/2703/022 Patterson RW 6154/2316/VLC Patton GK 7236/3022/TRS Pavel NA 6216/2202/1V2 Paynestinson TA 0231/2218/1ER Payton LT 5711/2987/970 Paz JI 0619/ 689/1G9 Paz JL 3529/ 692/SAR Peake ER 6114/1770/1TC Pearson BM 0861/3266/J9F Peay JM 3451/3086/110 Pederson BJ 6116/1555/VMC Pedraza Jr J 3537/1340/996 Peek RD 6114/1793/1HK Peio BD 0861/3413/1NA Pelaez K 3529/ 597/995 Pelletier GW 6276/2763/1V2 Pena AS 5711/2686/1Y1 Pena GD 0629/ 160/K18 Pendergrass KC 0211/3358/114 Pendleton DL 0659/2054/956 Pennington JE 0861/3264/1NJ Penolan RH 3051/ 481/1RS Pente CJ 2336/1253/1YB Peplinski KW 0629/ 918/19G Peralta SG 0689/2050/1CF Perdue RJ 0659/2867/V24 Pere DJ 3537/ 552/128 Pereda MH 4671/1268/A88 Peres NE 0659/3024/SGB Perez AJ 3537/ 363/V27 Perez AR 3043/1607/J9F Perez ER 0211/1997/JAL Perez F 6174/1401/VLB Perez KJ 0369/1510/028 Perez NA 0369/1093/038 Perez O 4671/1341/040 Perez PL 3043/1581/G30 Perez Jr J 3052/ 697/041 Perez Jr JL 6672/2029/1JZ Perkins BT 0861/2086/1F4 Perkins JD 6173/2628/042 Perkins KM 0369/1190/239 Perkins SJ 6046/1611/V81 Perna D 0372/ 834/1MR Pernell AM 7041/2065/1TC Perry JT 0848/3253/1NL Perry ML 0861/1725/1GS Persall JJ 0619/ 293/924 Peshlakai OM 0369/ 839/V26 Pesquera GA 5821/2447/1SJ Pesti EC 6276/ 385/VRA Petereit LD 4821/ 734/160 Peterson AJ 2651/2548/1MY Peterson JA 0659/2430/1CQ Petraglia PJ 0629/1434/1G9 Petrenko NV 5954/3211/032 Petric MA 0481/1699/S8F Petrovich MJ 5524/ 348/143 Petti S 3051/ 315/1Y8 Pettigrew DR 2311/1730/J9G Pfaff GA 3537/1260/948 Phaengsy F 0629/ 161/V11 Phelps AA 5811/2818/040 Phillips CL 0689/2090/MB1 Phillips CN 0372/ 994/1MU Phillips JJ 0811/ 730/1NA Phillips JW 0372/1426/1MX Phillips WC 6672/1352/G81 Piburn BC 7257/2778/1L1 Pickett ES 2631/2593/U30 Pierce AJ 0231/2551/978 Pierce MA 7314/1422/1J3 Pierce Jr JC 0481/1390/152 Pierrelouis D 2631/2635/1A5 Pierrepaul J 1833/ 282/980 Pierrepierre MS 3043/2257/950 Pigg Jr MJ 2141/ 938/SDV Pike FH 6174/ 822/G76 Pimentel JR 6326/ 650/VME Pineda AM 0659/2271/1MU Pino MA 3051/ 265/R02 Pinos GR 3529/ 777/968 Pistole BR 7257/2360/023 Pizano B 0111/2796/QAB Plan NA 6114/3055/1HK Platek MJ 4341/3162/TNL Platman CJ 5953/2057/1QF Plucas ZT 0111/ 682/045 Plumb RB 0431/2100/938 Plympton JR 0369/ 661/V32 Poe DM 7212/ 804/994 Poindexter TJ 2171/ 755/15H Poland VR 3051/ 809/115 Polanski IV J 0689/2440/1SJ Polite ZR 1833/ 669/040 Polley EL 0211/3307/116 Pollock GD 2621/2485/802 Ponpon JM 4421/3107/TSP Poole CR 1391/ 489/15L Pope BC 0629/ 598/1PB Popkov R 3537/1150/041 Poplawski ES 0372/1402/1MX Popp GA 0111/1779/K18 Porter AJ 6287/2242/V6B Porter CJ 0111/2503/992 Porter K 0629/ 930/041 Portillo EM 0111/2069/014 Posey CM 0629/ 706/A00 Post NV 2862/1718/C86 Pothoof DN 3537/1328/2WY Pouchie PA 5811/2317/041 Powell JA 7314/1287/A88 Powell Jr CL 3051/ 898/110 Powers AD 3044/2544/063 Powers JL 6156/ 509/VHB Powers SL 2311/1923/A88 Preacher PL 1391/ 500/15L Preattle CS 6257/3057/VFB Preisendorfer RC 0369/ 631/926 Presley JA 7051/2785/1PG Preston CL 1341/ 71/198 Price BD 6092/2578/A02 Price RE 6326/2302/1TC Price TE 7257/2498/1PN Prichard BM 3043/2800/014 Pride MD 3537/1704/1CG Priestley DM 1371/ 507/193 Prince JW 0369/1528/121 Prisme EC 3043/2052/R10 Pritchett VJ 0372/1523/1MX Promise AL 6116/2894/VMB Prosolow CJ 2131/1831/1NJ Prudente ML 0659/3433/1Y5 Puentes I 3043/ 933/041 Pulcini A 5811/2501/092 Pulidopedroza J 0659/2871/MB1 Pulla JD 0619/ 594/040 Pullins WT 5711/2538/142 Purdy AL 6154/2583/1HK Puwalowski BA 1141/1772/124 Pyne JV 3432/1628/1Y2 Pyra DG 0231/3130/R22 Quevedo C 7041/2731/040 Quick JM 6252/1597/V8C Quilesreyes LM 0629/ 253/995 Quinones AJ 6531/1726/A88 Quinton JL 0369/1209/V37 Quiroz IA 1341/ 87/1Y8 Radcliff SA 6113/2338/1FP Rader JD 7236/2320/1PV Radtke RE 0619/ 896/15G Ragan DC 0313/2935/KAQ Rainer JA 2651/1906/802 Ralstin JP 0313/1899/971 Ramirez B 0369/ 187/268 Ramirez E 0111/2809/L95 Ramirez EE 5811/1999/1SG Ramirez II 0659/2045/TMG Ramirez J 3537/1113/040 Ramirez MA 6156/ 432/VME Ramirez MF 0659/2276/1RS Ramos CS 3051/ 76/B48 Ramos E 4821/1122/091 Ramos JA 0369/1263/V25 Ramos JL 0111/2836/1EC Ramosramirez A 3112/2715/967 Randall BT 0372/1160/1MX Randle II WA 0369/ 893/V21 Raney BD 2862/2810/976 Rangel JA 2674/1938/175 Ransom JA 0111/1980/198 Raper Jr GW 1812/2483/970 Rasco TC 0848/3176/1NP Rasmussen JD 0689/2933/1Y8 Rasnick MW 5811/2948/964 Rathbun GD 2111/1789/F23 Ratliff JE 6216/2610/1TL Raudales FT 7041/3193/145 Ravenell DL 6336/ 766/A04 Raya EE 6694/ 90/967 Razohernandez M 0369/1067/KAN Reardon ZT 0231/3099/KAC Reavis NR 6842/2683/026 Rebollar WD 0111/2862/080 Reddin JC 1161/ 207/982 Reed BJ 6326/1622/978 Reed DC 0629/ 872/974 Reed RT 2862/2324/W95 Reed TB 2631/1785/175 Reese JD 6217/3338/V63 Reeves JM 7257/2254/027 Regan JR 6423/1634/TWD Regis JP 0431/3314/1PB Reichert BA 7257/3295/023 Reid PB 3051/ 322/996 Reid WA 7051/1804/928 Reider RM 0231/2058/1ML Reihl AD 6046/1821/MDT Reiner BA 3537/ 405/1GE Reinhardt CA 3043/1598/J44 Rejment M 2131/1454/040 Renaux DE 2111/ 974/G18 Renner JV 2862/1674/K18 Renteria AC 0689/2453/124 Renteria ML 3044/2541/15B Reschke KA 0211/2349/115 Rethford JC 0261/1716/J98 Reyes AH 2862/ 383/1QB Reyes C 4821/ 587/1J0 Reyes MS 7212/ 622/963 Reyna A 5811/2526/K46 Reynolds AP 0372/1087/1MR Reynolds TJ 0211/ 818/114 Reynolds Jr CD 0111/2246/1C1 Reynosodisla SR 1171/ 765/1CP Reza OJ 3537/1201/040 Rezac VA 0231/2949/1RA Rice MD 0369/ 362/KAJ Richard AE 0313/3228/1GT Richards TR 6217/2977/VFG Richards Jr RL 0369/ 946/992 Richardson J VC 1141/2435/1F5 Richeson JG 6092/2651/1JX Rickert DJ 0372/1088/1MX Rickvalsky SJ 6483/2129/970 Ridgley NK 6541/ 277/040 Rieff BJ 2111/1179/S7A Riegel DC 6483/1993/1JT Riel TA 0369/ 635/V37 Rigger III IC 1833/ 85/030 Riggs CJ 3529/ 752/1CJ Riley CP 2651/1948/UCG Rinaldo IV JJ 6154/1977/VLC Rincon A 3537/1107/1GD Ring JM 0211/3351/115 Ringnalda DJ 0211/3305/115 Rios C 6672/1463/041 Rios V 5821/1833/017 Riosrodriguez JR 3112/2506/027 Rittenhouse RM 0861/2450/040 Rittner JH 3432/2212/988 Rivas Jr RC 3381/1553/012 Rivera AR 0369/1172/V35 Rivera D 0431/2670/J15 Rivera LF 0619/ 601/987 Rivera RA 5821/2206/1SG Rivera SH 0689/ 602/15B Rivera VJ 3043/2025/C36 Rivera WA 0369/1304/994 Riveraham KA 6156/ 181/1V1 Riveramarrero JG 2146/1696/J18 Roa CK 5974/1925/S2N Roach AT 2862/2863/040 Roach KO 0431/3259/V23 Roacho CL 0231/3144/1Y1 Robbins JB 6113/3011/970 Robbins SR 0111/2579/TMG Roberts AN 2862/2928/S4E Roberts ME 6672/1768/040 Roberts RS 6062/3052/1JS Robertson JE 3043/2857/BAA Robertson RE 1141/1874/S6H Robideau AR 0369/1100/038 Robinson CP 0111/1639/1CE Robinson DJ 1171/1672/15L Robinson DK 6046/1676/VFE Robinson JR 1345/ 482/1QN Robinson JS 7236/2414/W03 Robinson KS 0231/2921/114 Robinson RB 5954/3238/1L1 Robinson RD 0231/3148/1FN Robles DJ 2862/3169/R12 Rocha CP 3537/1350/992 Rocha J 1391/1502/1YB Rockhill JP 0211/2462/114 Rodas MD 0451/3033/1S8 Rodgers CA 3043/2252/040 Rodriguez A 3381/1530/R02 Rodriguez AL 3051/2659/1RX Rodriguez AR 2862/1647/SAR Rodriguez CF 3051/1099/922 Rodriguez CJ 0111/2123/15L Rodriguez D 0111/1739/041 Rodriguez E 7314/1732/1J3 Rodriguez E 0111/2517/T38 Rodriguez EM 2887/2738/1NR Rodriguez EO 0629/ 517/1RT Rodriguez FE 5811/2227/1ML Rodriguez J 3537/ 135/1MT Rodriguez J 1171/1251/J9F Rodriguez JA 0111/1617/022 Rodriguez JA 6114/ 748/MC8 Rodriguez JA 0481/1427/995 Rodriguez JF 0659/3380/V13 Rodriguez JL 7236/3102/K18 Rodriguez M 1316/ 667/1GR Rodriguez MH 1371/ 672/1Y5 Rodriguez MS 6432/ 843/041 Rodriguez RP 6483/2127/MC9 Rodriguez SA 0111/2932/1EE Rodriguez SL 0629/ 696/1CL Rodriguez T 6114/ 753/964 Rodriguez II FD 0111/1717/942 Rodriguez Jr F 6223/ 6/LAV Rodriguez Jr LM 6092/2292/1JU Rodriguezmald X 6113/2484/VHE Rodrigueznune AE 5974/2267/R12 Rodriguezrami MJ 5953/2250/G91 Rodriquez AP 4821/ 510/1JW Rogers CB 0369/ 370/V25 Rogers CM 6046/ 96/1JW Rohrer CN 5811/2113/023 Rolon LA 3537/1261/S4L Roman CG 1345/ 47/19C Roman MA 3537/1097/996 Roman Jr JA 3537/1030/TMG Romenesko TJ 1371/ 790/1CG Romer CA 1812/2581/19D Root LT 0369/1476/KAE Roozbehi HS 0451/2342/15T Roque JD 3537/ 364/128 Rosabal FD 0619/ 287/1CK Rosado DJ 6326/ 387/VM3 Rosado HJ 6257/3448/V6B Rosado RB 0619/ 506/972 Rosado Jr G 5954/3341/057 Rosadoortiz RA 6116/1966/043 Rosales JC 0431/2797/A88 Rosario CA 5948/2039/K18 Roscoe CJ 0689/2514/1EP Rose SH 6332/1123/V83 Rosenbaum KR 0111/1457/027 Rosengarten J 2161/3071/J9F Rosenthal JA 3529/ 866/1Y8 Rosentreter KJ 5811/2529/1MT Rosero HC 1141/1336/040 Ross WG 6114/2695/MC8 Ross Jr DL 5811/2510/988 Roush SA 0231/2424/1JG Roviratorres JM 6216/2122/041 Rowland ET 6132/2624/1JT Ruan D 3432/3104/A02 Ruano BJ 6176/ 109/VM2 Ruch JS 7257/3220/1L2 Rudenos AP 6092/2226/1JS Ruelas I 3537/ 454/1Y3 Ruelas M 3112/2148/THN Ruhnke CA 1341/ 24/1PF Ruiz JA 0369/ 879/KAN Ruiz NJ 3043/2046/J36 Ruiz RT 0861/1939/1NG Ruiz SA 2621/3316/802 Ruiz X 0111/2781/QAB Russ PD 0111/1965/QAE Russell JA 7011/3073/146 Russell JL 5524/ 394/016 Rutherford J S 7041/2606/G91 Ruvalcabamerc JC 6114/3089/1T5 Ryan BW 2621/1960/1ML Ryan CE 0689/2826/K18 Ryan CM 0313/1848/1GT Ryan JW 6116/3283/1TC Sablan MC 0619/ 688/962 Sackett JM 0111/2668/970 Safford III RO 0372/1370/1MX Sainvil K 6046/1582/987 Saito CT 0369/ 638/V22 Saiz AW 0431/1864/V36 Salamanca DF 0372/ 821/1MR Salas RS 2336/1652/023 Salazar IN 3043/2161/C08 Salazar JF 0111/2684/041 Saldana A 0411/1461/V24 Saldivar LA 0313/3105/1GR Saldivarortiz M 0431/3301/V17 Saleh PM 3529/ 578/961 Salgado JR 0372/2056/1MU Salinas RA 0369/ 444/KAC Salinas II NM 7041/2585/VRA Salinas Jr SD 1812/2915/19D Salmons BD 0659/2190/904 Salomonsen BW 3537/1266/971 Salyards VC 5952/3368/G91 Sammons AW 0511/2064/R14 Sampson IM 6276/2850/1V2 Sanchez AG 0111/1662/094 Sanchez EE 0431/3284/124 Sanchez IA 0619/ 675/041 Sanchez JC 1171/1285/041 Sanchez JC 1161/ 770/226 Sanchez JO 2147/ 611/041 Sanchez RP 1371/ 120/J33 Sanchez Jr A 0372/ 940/1MX Sanchez Jr H 0629/ 156/1XC Sanchez Jr JJ 6531/1157/R08 Sanchez Jr MB 1812/2470/041 Sanchezvaldes JF 3043/2404/E74 Sanders AL 0659/2059/910 Sanders BM 0369/ 562/KAE Sanders JL 0431/3189/198 Sanderson JF 3537/1212/992 Sandoval JC 3381/1866/124 Sandoval JC 0659/1919/052 Sandoval O 6124/1046/A88 Santana A 0689/2078/1RA Santana Jr A 1171/1384/15E Santana Jr MA 0431/3203/1JG Santiago M 0111/1680/017 Santos BA 2862/1365/1G8 Santos EA 1371/ 220/19C Santos IA 0431/2326/1JD Santos S 6338/ 422/1TV Saraceno BR 0629/ 382/V16 Saraka JH 1371/ 763/245 Sartor RS 0848/ 718/J54 Sarvak RE 1391/1665/1YB Sasamoto JG 0241/1254/15A Sasse JA 0369/ 567/KAC Satterfield AM 2631/2303/TVZ Saucedo CR 5811/2082/964 Savage MW 0369/1117/V35 Savage SN 3043/3198/924 Savali OE 3537/1348/K61 Schabel RP 2161/2030/19G Schaffner PL 2862/1432/1LB Schank JE 2111/1222/J78 Scheidt Jr SP 0241/ 998/V63 Schetter PA 5821/2390/1SH Schilling JM 6048/3080/VM6 Schindler LA 6276/1308/VRA Schinkel MW 0369/ 825/KAS Schler PH 2862/1428/1MZ Schmidt RM 3537/ 447/040 Schmidt TR 5952/2546/1XB Schneider SA 0629/ 345/15B Schocken Jr AR 2862/3005/E75 Schoning ZF 0689/2269/TRK Schroeder KN 5811/2507/092 Schukar Jr RA 0369/ 643/KA3 Scott DB 2621/2383/948 Scott JR 2651/2556/015 Scott MJ 0369/ 942/999 Scott MO 1345/ 123/1CJ Scott PR 0369/ 359/1FN Scottwillards CJ 6114/1986/A02 Seabol IK 6672/1891/1JV Seames WA 5811/2801/UCG Seamons AJ 5811/1989/KAL Seay BE 3529/ 390/1RX Sechrest TS 3537/ 759/15S Seeberger JM 1345/ 42/193 Seeck JL 1833/ 238/19F Seedan VK 0111/2864/1EE Segovia RN 0811/1120/041 Seguraperez DO 0231/3141/JAL Selgren DN 0111/2522/040 Senesac CJ 0629/ 146/UKT Sepulveda GH 0111/2811/967 Serna A 1141/1176/1Y6 Serranomunoz GA 6324/ 55/MC8 Serrato JA 0629/ 716/122 Serrato Jr MA 1345/2549/040 Sesay MA 3381/1035/R12 Settle MS 5811/2492/M75 Sever PJ 1391/ 702/KAL Sevilla LA 3051/ 374/KAJ Sewell GM 0431/2711/038 Seymore II R 0629/ 871/124 Shaak J 3432/2096/15B Shannon CL 3537/ 186/1GR Sharpe BL 1812/2567/928 Sharpe JH 7212/ 95/1PR Shaughnessy BT 1391/1241/J78 Shaughnessy SA 0411/2340/1GS Shaver PC 3112/2926/092 Shaw AC 0481/1961/1UR Shaw CA 3052/ 185/040 Shaw NW 6326/1541/S6E Shay JD 5948/1047/1L3 Sheffer RD 6154/2112/1HK Sheffield JC 0659/1226/1G8 Sheffield LL 3051/ 155/078 Sheikhabdulka ID 3381/1382/T15 Shelley III DW 0659/2716/V25 Shelton JH 5711/2704/225 Shepard JN 0659/3422/TF9 Shepard Jr WT 6048/1973/980 Shepke SP 2621/2900/1RA Sheppard QD 3537/ 376/040 Sheppard Jr EL 3043/1079/940 Sheridan MA 3451/3319/J15 Sherman EW 0321/ 64/1R5 Sherman JK 0369/ 542/095 Shields ER 2141/ 865/1Y7 Shilling AC 0372/ 237/1MU Shilling RE 2621/3396/802 Shines MA 0231/1852/QAT Shipley KH 2147/ 528/1GT Shipman NT 6048/ 212/VHA Shores JP 0848/2010/976 Shorter SN 0111/2886/015 Shortt Jr ST 0211/3356/115 Showers TB 1345/ 342/934 Shultz SR 0111/ 164/023 Shupe JK 3451/3175/W95 Shypkowski LL 7051/2705/TP6 Sides CC 0372/ 771/1MX Siefert SA 7236/3270/S2N Sierra C 0629/ 514/1MX Sigars III RL 3537/1271/962 Silbaugh RD 0369/1312/V18 Siler DB 6317/ 478/VFB Silva IG 4821/ 781/142 Silva SA 2862/1501/V35 Simeone RM 0241/1206/1J2 Simile ZP 0321/ 711/KAQ Simmons AC 3537/ 291/15C Simmons DA 0629/ 301/1NP Simmons JJ 6326/ 420/043 Simms SL 3381/1729/V36 Simon MT 6046/1750/979 Simonds BE 0211/3034/116 Simpson DR 0629/ 693/KAL Simpson IV WO 0372/1237/1MX Sims BM 6046/1481/1JQ Singh SK 6326/2311/R08 Sirois AL 0211/3401/115 Siruchek ER 0369/1364/V32 Sitafine O 3043/2128/015 Skates II RA 1833/ 679/972 Skeens BC 6672/ 982/1JV Skey ST 0313/3250/KAQ Slagle RS 6048/1972/976 Slater WL 7257/1984/022 Slayton KA 6124/ 833/KAC Slover NP 2621/3378/175 Smalling CL 6314/3445/TRZ Smallwood II JE 6257/3373/VFD Smiley Jr GE 0811/ 960/964 Smith AA 3043/2768/961 Smith AR 3043/1534/C93 Smith BC 6132/3218/1JQ Smith BL 0369/ 366/V12 Smith CA 3043/2388/G71 Smith CM 0313/3226/1GT Smith CM 3537/ 743/V33 Smith DA 0372/ 45/1MX Smith DD 6116/ 230/VM3 Smith DN 3537/1210/967 Smith EJ 6114/3360/VLB Smith FA 0811/1077/1NE Smith JA 0111/2000/B74 Smith JA 7314/1379/1J3 Smith JA 6336/2913/G91 Smith JS 6337/2939/G91 Smith KP 2862/1394/SAP Smith LA 2621/3249/TJA Smith MA 2631/2150/842 Smith ME 6046/2696/V8B Smith MM 3529/ 992/966 Smith NA 7041/1849/G81 Smith NJ 0629/ 203/1R5 Smith PM 1171/1500/041 Smith RK 0659/2881/041 Smith SC 2862/1776/R12 Smith TR 3537/1346/928 Smith IV H 0411/1477/19F Smith Jr JW 3537/1189/040 Smithhisler JA 1341/ 77/15H Smulski JD 0369/1518/041 Snell NR 2336/ 783/15L Snider NL 0111/2136/1MR Snyder BR 6174/1343/1TD Snyder DD 0369/ 264/225 Sobush DJ 3537/ 75/1EH Soffel SR 0372/1118/1MX Solis E 3537/1281/016 Solomon JR 3381/1032/KAA Somov DY 0369/ 957/V17 Song VT 0629/ 205/040 Sonico PJ 0369/ 283/1GR Sopko MC 0372/ 816/1MX Soria KM 3381/1667/041 Sosa JL 6338/1452/V6A Sotelo R 3537/1181/1F5 Sotelo Jr J 5821/2387/J9F Sotnik AS 1812/2611/J18 Soto DM 0861/2888/1NJ Soto VB 0629/ 215/15B Sotogonzalez G 3043/1685/KAC Sotonieves J 0231/1845/1EE Souders JC 7011/1805/KAC South KM 0372/1131/1MU Sparks TL 0431/3278/VRA Spears CN 6323/ 343/956 Speedy JW 0111/2706/024 Speight Jr RT 5811/3114/K46 Speker CT 6048/2586/042 Spence AL 3043/2041/040 Spencer SA 5953/3140/TWD Spisak TD 0372/ 221/1MX Spooner KM 5711/1818/145 Stadig GD 0369/1265/SKE Stafford JR 6337/ 647/VFB Stalvey PB 0369/1257/KAN Stanley CM 1142/1469/934 Stanley EA 7257/3281/032 Stanley JC 6256/2108/VRA Stanley MA 5811/2031/979 Stanzione JM 0241/1293/115 Staples CF 0629/ 391/1MT Starr NA 3537/1354/15S Staton DJ 3432/3131/041 Stauder PJ 2161/2260/S7B Stauffer RP 0313/3075/KAQ Stauffer ZJ 5831/2211/922 Stdenis BC 0451/2998/J24 Stebbing BS 0211/1681/114 Steelman JB 6124/1636/1JU Steffey JL 0861/2443/1MT Stephens TL 0659/3158/TRJ Steptoe DJ 0211/3432/115 Sterett TR 0369/ 642/UKT Sterling DC 0659/2959/124 Stevenin DJ 0369/1513/KAE Stevens CS 7212/ 275/1PR Stevens EL 6324/ 57/042 Stevens KR 0689/2431/1G7 Stevens LW 0369/ 740/KAN Stevenson MT 6046/2848/G81 Steward Jr JK 2631/2371/1RA Stewart DR 6531/1400/1LX Stewart III RG 3537/ 471/962 Stillman SM 1391/1235/15L Stillwell DG 1371/ 360/040 Stivers TL 6153/ 516/042 Stlouis DM 0211/2516/115 Stoddard RD 0231/2380/114 Stoker JB 6042/ 228/143 Stokes DG 3043/1752/091 Stokes GT 6256/3441/1V2 Stokes TD 0369/ 541/078 Stokes Jr K 0629/ 341/19G Stokes Jr RD 3051/1145/V23 Stoll EG 6156/ 110/VM6 Stone AT 0659/3327/045 Stone EE 3451/2217/1EP Stone SM 3432/2576/989 Stone III JR 0411/1744/1QE Stoneburner PW 0372/2832/1MR Storm JE 0372/ 306/1MU Stoute JA 2862/1886/A88 Stowers LD 0111/2676/R00 Stoy CA 7257/2120/1QF Stradford JA 0431/3280/110 Strahan JM 0629/ 278/1RT Strange MJ 0111/2851/013 Stratton MD 2336/1031/1CQ Stratton MJ 4821/ 610/016 Stringer TA 0629/ 19/V16 Strohm TS 7242/2353/1PJ Stroman JJ 3537/1464/960 Strong AD 6672/2084/1JN Stroud Jr RT 0369/ 546/2WX Strout JC 0369/ 680/990 Stuart JK 3529/ 608/962 Stucki CL 0659/3170/1CF Stull TA 6116/3417/956 Sturdevant Jr RP 7257/2469/027 Sturrock NA 6113/2595/1T9 Stutesman JM 6173/1645/VHA Styczynski SM 3537/1149/974 Suarez M 0369/ 840/V11 Suaste E 2336/1424/1CG Suchomel III JH 0369/ 40/962 Suggs Jr JR 3051/ 463/1NB Sullivan AL 1345/ 48/160 Summerfelt DK 0369/ 644/V22 Summers JI 2111/1095/992 Summers MP 0369/ 9/V35 Supapo JA 4133/2191/012 Supeck JT 0861/3383/1NB Surels BC 6276/1880/1V2 Sutherland J MF 0211/3000/116 Svec MA 3529/ 773/J15 Svrcek JM 2621/2912/TJA Swaidner BL 3112/2321/1Y9 Swain LM 1833/ 255/040 Sweet JW 0659/2892/094 Swei PR 2311/1595/1CN Swift RL 5811/2130/K46 Tabares BC 7051/1560/971 Tabor DR 3043/2180/1GA Tabor JL 0369/1192/KAN Tactay DR 2862/1320/041 Taff AP 0111/2178/QAT Talley TP 3051/1005/1Y8 Talone DP 0372/ 966/094 Tam D 6672/1635/A00 Tan RJ 4341/2875/978 Tanner DE 0111/2674/078 Tarasevich A 6483/2837/W95 Tarr AJ 1833/ 549/19E Tarter JB 0659/1940/V31 Tavares Jr LT 3381/ 877/15B Tavarez AA 0629/ 515/1G9 Tavarez Jr MA 6046/2173/VM3 Taylor CJ 2862/1741/K18 Taylor FK 5821/2330/026 Taylor JI 6217/2475/VF1 Taylor SD 4421/3153/021 Taylor II DW 3537/1195/074 Taylor III RA 0231/2196/P63 Taylor Jr PR 6154/1765/1HK Teel AR 3043/2547/B98 Tefft JD 0372/ 557/1MR Tejada ME 3537/ 464/1GR Territo JD 5811/2363/K46 Terrones TJ 0659/1954/1NG Terry KA 0659/3418/1C1 Terwilliger DA 6046/ 779/1J0 Terzich BA 5512/1931/281 Thacker CK 6154/1313/R06 Thaxton GJ 3537/ 744/A02 Thierrien GR 0231/1727/TMG Thomas AL 3451/3290/121 Thomas AM 3529/ 867/1GA Thomas BR 3381/1686/1CF Thomas JB 0111/2631/023 Thomas XL 4133/2183/066 Thomas Jr L 0111/2621/B38 Thomasboyd SR 6092/2627/1JN Thomay DJ 0659/2040/974 Thompson AD 6156/ 112/988 Thompson AJ 0211/2401/114 Thompson AK 3537/1307/040 Thompson AM 3051/ 889/962 Thompson BM 6116/2561/VMJ Thompson DR 6173/ 963/938 Thompson GL 0321/1133/1R5 Thompson GW 2651/2343/800 Thompson JL 0369/1137/040 Thompson MA 0481/1052/145 Thompson NJ 2111/1156/095 Thompson RS 0481/1542/1CJ Thompson TC 0659/2779/TLG Thumma AD 5954/2097/1L1 Thurmond DS 0321/1058/1R2 Tickle JB 0411/2891/R21 Tillery CJ 0431/3293/VMH Timmons BM 0211/3072/115 Tippett MJ 0369/1355/V25 Tirado CP 0111/2637/080 Tirado EM 3051/ 166/1Y8 Tisapak I 2862/ 106/1Y8 Todacheenewoo DL 6222/1356/1JS Todd SN 3451/3376/TMG Toledo YA 0411/ 907/198 Tomlin RL 0369/ 494/V37 Tompkins Jr CE 6176/ 145/VM5 Tompo MA 5524/ 873/J88 Toomer LG 0619/ 975/1G7 Tornabene VO 3537/ 280/1Y4 Toro EJ 6257/1044/G91 Torres E 3537/ 243/996 Torres JC 5811/2991/980 Torres RC 3051/ 746/15S Torres III F 2111/1819/J9F Torrescruz G 0313/3214/1GR Torresloya MJ 3043/1694/995 Torresplaza JA 1345/ 114/987 Torresramos FO 0619/ 760/225 Torressuarez LM 0811/ 632/979 Tovar C 0431/2032/1GS Tovar DJ 7257/1916/045 Tovias FS 0111/1583/999 Towery BN 1161/ 741/193 Tozer DC 6276/1678/S3F Tramel CA 3043/2823/027 Tran AD 6123/ 467/995 Tran LV 1391/ 519/041 Tran VH 6672/1061/1JY Travis DV 0369/ 2/038 Travis JT 0619/ 484/1NE Treadwell MF 0689/2726/122 Trejo AR 0369/1036/KAQ Trejo Jr D 6114/2222/VLC Trent MA 0211/2119/114 Trevino JA 0111/2858/040 Trevino Jr J 0369/ 959/A00 Trevizo G 0111/2365/041 Trianapadilla CA 0111/2755/041 Trice CC 0659/3036/R08 Troch MJ 3043/1935/952 Troche AT 6154/2598/S7M Trogdon HM 0369/3444/V12 Trolan KM 2862/1796/016 Troncoso FA 3529/ 493/924 Trotter Jr KK 4341/2905/1F1 Truan NC 6113/1893/MDT Truesdale TJ 0231/2872/944 Trumbo JR 2111/1714/017 Trunck RW 6116/3053/1V4 Trussler AL 7257/2354/1L3 Tucker AD 3051/ 888/15H Tucker BW 0241/1362/114 Tucker DM 0111/2732/013 Tull CG 2673/1503/JAH Tune BL 3537/ 468/122 Tunks BE 2651/2375/967 Tupolo I 3432/2618/1CF Turk AG 2161/2001/1JS Turner CJ 0659/3139/1CL Turner DJ 5948/2887/1PM Turner JW 0659/2852/091 Turner III JH 0689/2838/121 Tuttle CA 0241/1025/114 Tuttle ZM 6048/2601/974 Twarog MW 1391/1055/1CQ Tyler JE 3381/1638/1NA Ulich DK 0811/ 757/1NB Ulrich DA 7257/1937/G91 Umali BB 0369/1344/1K4 Uncangco JJ 0629/ 194/948 Underwood WT 0481/1670/1Y6 Uranga J 0369/1509/245 Urbanski MJ 5831/3232/995 Urdiales JM 0372/1018/1MR Urrutia JJ 0111/2707/012 Utz MT 7051/ 654/024 Valdez FM 3112/2322/092 Valdez J 6499/1487/1JW Valencia G 2671/2370/K9J Valladares NF 6286/1435/VRA Vallejocamach JA 0431/3234/1FR Valora JR 0369/ 726/KAN Vanbeekom KJ 1345/ 124/15T Vanderyt NC 6173/3112/VHG Vandyke II RC 0369/1537/V15 Vaneeckhoven CR 1371/ 850/1CQ Vannorman MR 6092/2759/G42 Vanverth WT 2862/3263/S2R Vanwormer JR 0629/ 226/987 Vanzandt CR 0111/2805/942 Vargas FJ 6048/2976/1V2 Vargas GR 6672/1367/966 Vargasmena N 0369/ 445/KAC Varner NE 2671/ 439/817 Vasquez CA 6046/2845/VLB Vasquez JL 5953/1797/967 Vasquez SP 0321/1019/1R2 Vasquez WC 6154/3093/VLF Vasquezalvara MA 0313/3243/1GS Vaughan TW 0231/3439/193 Vaughn BE 6317/ 416/946 Vaughn Jr KC 5711/1318/K46 Vazquez CL 5711/2539/1CE Veal DR 0369/1205/040 Veenhuizen JM 2336/1675/1YB Vega ML 6114/2895/952 Vega MY 0369/ 268/KA0 Velasco DB 3529/ 666/976 Velasquez MA 3043/2176/934 Velayo EP 0369/ 837/KAQ Velazquez PD 3043/2047/962 Velez J 0619/ 713/971 Venegas III LA 6048/2946/VMD Ventura CS 3451/3398/R12 Verrett WR 6314/1806/1TC Vick TC 0481/1630/15C Villa RP 0369/ 874/245 Villafana AD 0629/ 694/1XC Villalobos R 0369/ 651/944 Villalta JL 0231/1860/116 Villanueva DJ 0619/ 929/1G7 Vincent KJ 3432/2594/007 Vires AS 0111/1656/UCG Vislosky NA 6223/2480/1JN Vizcarra AA 0111/2824/1M7 Vo MV 0811/1219/041 Voegeli NE 6048/1970/G76 Vogel DA 0369/1106/V34 Volz CJ 0261/1913/TP6 Voss GA 1371/ 148/167 Voss Jr PL 2862/2093/971 Vuong MA 0659/3428/122 Wachholder MC 0369/1168/078 Wade IJ 0629/ 868/1GS Wade LD 0619/ 848/V37 Wagner RE 1833/ 44/934 Wahl MD 6153/1663/G91 Wainright DB 0369/1338/040 Wald AJ 6212/2745/225 Waldrep DM 2862/2162/SL3 Walker CG 5512/1440/281 Walker MR 0431/3289/1CP Wallace CJ 0481/1438/944 Wallace Jr GB 6114/2200/VLC Wallen JR 0369/ 728/V34 Wallisch RC 0369/ 956/040 Walls SC 0431/2476/1UV Walpole JM 1345/ 63/1YB Walter JM 2673/1278/1LB Walters RS 7051/2149/R21 Walters VL 0629/ 623/041 Ward JJ 6114/2984/042 Ware DA 3537/ 950/012 Warman SL 3112/2508/1UV Warren CR 3043/1909/R12 Warren JD 1141/1178/978 Warren ST 3537/ 536/1Y5 Warren TL 1142/1771/041 Washington DA 2131/1624/1Y8 Waters JC 2862/1358/S8R Watkins AS 6062/1878/G30 Watkins ME 6217/2228/976 Watson AV 0369/ 23/V36 Watson KC 6531/1396/973 Watson Jr JM 2336/1383/1US Watterson AM 0861/2384/1ML Way MJ 0659/2179/1CH Waycaster SM 3043/2102/226 Wayne BE 0689/2472/TGP Weatherwax ZR 1371/ 520/193 Weaver DJ 0211/2140/115 Webb DE 0211/2479/115 Webb QJ 0629/ 527/1G7 Webb IV WS 3537/1333/1CJ Webb Jr LR 0369/1170/040 Webb Jr VL 1833/ 165/966 Weber KJ 2311/1969/1MT Weber PW 3537/ 190/198 Webster DM 0629/ 131/A02 Weers ME 6048/2198/G91 Weisenberger MA 0372/ 216/1MU Weiss CD 6218/1115/V8A Welborn MT 0629/1000/040 Welch ER 0111/2830/R00 Weldon JD 1345/ 518/041 Welker RJ 0659/3277/052 Wells KD 1391/ 703/040 Werner SP 0481/1247/15C West TD 6156/ 613/043 West WR 2621/2903/842 West Jr SM 3043/2420/989 Weston WE 2111/1809/023 Westover SR 0111/1780/1F6 Wetzel DA 4341/2552/996 Wewers MJ 3529/ 690/1CQ Weyl CJ 7051/2151/026 Weyler AJ 0689/2181/1G7 Wheeler AR 5711/2344/121 Wheeler ER 6212/1347/V80 Wheeler JD 2631/1900/175 Wheeler III EC 2671/2589/174 Wheeler III FL 0211/3196/115 Whetzel WC 6672/1309/1JW Whisler NA 0511/3066/1EM Whitaker AM 3044/2911/1GH Whitaker ML 0372/1053/1MX Whitcomb AR 0111/2355/B39 White AG 1171/1423/041 White CG 0211/3311/116 White CJ 2336/1289/1YB White KM 0629/ 434/1Y8 White MA 0629/ 513/040 White TJ 6113/2337/MDT White II GA 5954/3429/090 White Jr DL 0372/1748/1MR Whitlock BD 0231/1910/979 Whitman NM 0372/1604/1MX Whittaker SE 6132/1896/A88 Whittington DA 0659/3163/1MZ Wickham AG 0231/1951/KA9 Wieczorek JF 0369/ 457/982 Wiegner NP 6338/ 46/1TV Wiles MG 3043/2661/SLD Wilhelm DM 1812/2286/J18 Wilkie EE 0659/3009/R21 Wilkins BS 0369/ 483/1GT Wilkinson TM 0161/ 139/013 Willette DJ 0431/3190/V14 Williams CA 0811/1162/974 Williams CA 5821/2446/1SJ Williams CD 0689/2952/122 Williams CF 2336/1613/1XJ Williams CW 2862/3125/V18 Williams DE 4421/3405/1CF Williams JA 6113/2574/976 Williams JA 2862/1882/973 Williams JD 4421/3348/1F1 Williams JM 0369/ 648/239 Williams JS 0372/ 964/1MU Williams MA 6276/1417/VR1 Williams MC 3051/ 450/15J Williams MD 3051/ 808/1RS Williams MJ 4421/2481/040 Williams TD 0659/3384/TRJ Williams TR 6324/ 31/MC8 Williams XD 0629/ 620/1GD Williams Jr CD 3043/1746/970 Williams Jr JA 0811/1040/1NE Williams Jr KD 6153/ 904/040 Williams Jr LW 3529/ 792/970 Willis CS 6336/1105/1V2 Willis NB 0211/2408/116 Willmoth CE 2111/1728/1Y8 Willoughby J MA 7236/2725/1PL Wills SJ 6531/1284/041 Wilson BM 0619/ 646/961 Wilson DJ 0629/ 793/1MX Wilson IH 7242/2638/1QE Wilson JM 0369/ 560/974 Wilson MS 0369/1094/KAE Wilson NM 3043/2141/1FZ Wilson Jr DG 0659/1944/A04 Winfield KD 0629/ 256/A00 Winkelmann JJ 0241/ 776/1J3 Winkelvoss MC 0241/ 388/115 Winningham DR 0481/1697/1CK Winningham VD 6483/2131/999 Winslow AM 0629/ 687/041 Winston Jr WM 3529/1023/A00 Winterstein JM 0659/1958/1EN Wire JI 0431/2929/978 Wiseman JJ 2621/2023/KAQ Wittlake V FC 2336/1252/15L Wojtusiak RJ 0111/2085/B22 Wolanski CN 2621/2402/802 Wolfe BM 2336/1494/1PG Wolford DM 0811/ 973/936 Wolfrom PF 6316/2087/VR1 Womble JP 6113/2982/MDT Womelsdorf JA 0111/2013/912 Wong D 6114/1853/VLF Wongkuon JE 3529/ 336/16D Wood JA 3529/ 583/934 Wood ML 0372/ 691/1MR Wood TH 2621/1914/TJA Woodie TL 0111/2641/023 Woods Jr SD 2887/2636/1NR Woodside PV 0619/ 971/146 Workman NM 2621/2537/KAC Wright MK 0211/3353/114 Wyatt DJ 3051/ 443/996 Wyatt III PH 2823/2277/W95 Wyllie SC 0659/2268/K18 Xiong KL 4421/3103/098 Yager JM 3043/1584/1CJ Yahya AI 0411/1836/142 Ybarracuevas VA 0431/2699/UKT Yon II JC 3043/2760/1QN Yontz TS 0629/1080/KAL Yost JC 6153/1413/940 Yost LA 3381/1543/990 Young BM 0511/2559/1RW Young CK 3529/ 912/1EG Young MF 0659/1952/R14 Youngblood DG 0431/2868/1EN Yoxsimer DP 7212/ 522/1EG Yu YM 6257/3127/980 Yuan RA 2862/1326/942 Zagone PJ 3537/ 408/KA0 Zahn KA 0659/2270/091 Zamudio SA 0629/ 183/K18 Zannitto JM 2621/3411/802 Zapata J 3537/ 189/15S Zappier AJ 2161/1154/A88 Zarate AG 6217/2259/VFE Zarate DE 0111/1710/902 Zavala BE 6092/3083/1JQ Zavala GA 6317/1766/G97 Zavala MD 0369/1092/041 Zechman Jr BA 0369/ 449/V11 Zellner JD 0111/2098/VLB Zello NA 0369/ 86/KAE Zemcik II RJ 2874/2381/1CM Zepeda HP 3381/1482/041 Zerecero JA 0111/2091/QAQ Zuluagabetanc JM 3043/3171/C72 Zunigarojas Y 3529/ 686/V35 3.