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But that’s the Army for you: centuries of tradition, untainted by progress.

Jody serves a valuable purpose, as hard as that is to bear in mind when you’re trying to talk PV2 Joe Tentpeg into putting down the .45 because Mary Sue Rottencrotch back on the block is not really worth particle-blasting the inside of one’s cranium with gunpowder over.

Consider the important part played in national defense by one often forgotten individual — Jody. He’s the civilian guy who’s got your girl and gone while you were away at the drill faces (pun intended) of the salt mines.

If you didn’t know, “Jody” is the much-reviled star of dozens of cadence calls, used to get trainees’ brain stems into sync so that they march in step, and their minds lose any grip on the fact that D&C is training for any of the wars of the eighteenth century.

Browning .50-in calibre as described further on in this page. The rifle weighs 36 lbs., is 63.5 inches overall in length, and has a 36" barrel with 7-groove rifling.

For all these reasons, considering what-all he’s done for the boys, why, Jody’s practically a veteran himself, by now.

He could even have PTSD from a decade of listening to Mary Sue complain.

Stood to the right are both a .50 calibre round and a .303in. We include the rifle's manual published by Gale & Polden, as well as the Small Arms Training (SAT) Pamphlet No.

No.7 rifle, the Canadian conversion of the Lee-Enfield No.4 rifle to .22 rim-fire calibre as a training rifle. We are, however, replicating such printed matter as was contemporary to the rifle's issue, and which has now joined the public domain.

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