Report internet dating fraud

These scammers tend to prey on victims that may be especially lonely, shy or isolated and therefore more vulnerable.

There are a number of variations on the same basic scam.

It is conducted in face-to-face interactions, over the telephone, or online.

The people who carry out fraud schemes usually do so through anonymity.

As ridiculous as these approaches seem, innocent people occasionally fall for them.

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The FTC received more than 3 million complaints in 2015, and it does not routinely respond back to you or resolve your individual case.

En español | Guess what the most frequent Google search related to scams is.

According to Google, it's simply "How do I report a scam? Fraudsters can't be stopped unless their schemes are reported.

Many people around the world have been duped into sending money to Internet fraudsters posing as would-be girlfriends or boyfriends.

In many cases, the victim will not only have lost out financially, but will also be left broken-hearted and thoroughly disillusioned.

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