Ssh knownhosts not updating

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If you only have the fingerprint, you will have to write an extra step which verifies the downloaded public key with your fingerprint...--- # ansible playbook that adds ssh fingerprints to known_hosts - hosts: all connection: local gather_facts: no tasks: - command: /usr/bin/ssh-keyscan -T 10 register: keyscan - lineinfile: name=~/.ssh/known_hosts create=yes line= with_items: '' This is simply dumps output of a keyscan, yes. X:22 [INF][ SSH tunnel]: Tunnel Manager.wait_connection authentication error: Authentication error, unhandled exception caught in tunnel manager, please refer to logs for details [ERR][ SSH tunnel]: Authentication error opening SSH tunnel: Authentication error, unhandled exception caught in tunnel manager, please refer to logs for details [ERR][]: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Applications/My", line 265, in _connect_ssh look_for_keys=has_key, allow_agent=has_key) File "/Applications/My", line 301, in connect t.start_client() File "/Applications/My", line 461, in start_client raise e SSHException: Incompatible ssh peer (no acceptable kex algorithm) [INF][ WBContext]: Connection to Helle Wolke cancelled by user: Tunnel connection cancelled Windows 8.1: [DB1][]: INFO: Connecting to SSH server at X. A workaround for anyone looking: sudo yum downgrade python-paramiko On fedora this produces: Installing : python-paramiko-1.10.1-2.fc20.noarch 1/2 Cleanup : python-paramiko-1.15.1-1.fc20.noarch 2/2 Verifying : python-paramiko-1.10.1-2.fc20.noarch 1/2 Verifying : python-paramiko-1.15.1-1.fc20.noarch So downgrading from python-paramiko-1.15.1-1 to 1.10.1-2 enables ssh tunnels to work again, without having to downgrade openssh openssh-clients openssh-server from 6.7 to 5.3. Suggested fix: update to the latest paramiko (1.15)I can confirm this is happing for me running Fedora 20 once all updates have been applied on a fresh OS install with workbench 64 bit.I have been trying to configure an SFTP job in Tidal but keep getting the error "FTP JOB Failed : No known hosts provided - use Secure FTPConnection.Known Hosts to add some (safe), or set Server Validation to None (unsafe)." Other threads have mentioned changing the by adding SSLVLDCRT=n under the [config] section and recycling the service.Next, you will see a prompt asking for your password for the remote machine.After entering your password, you will be at a shell prompt for the remote machine.The assumption was the Tidal agent worked s – For SFTP Host validation, the location of the file containing the public Keys for the servers that SFTP connections will be established with.Provides a list of hosts and their associated public keys in the given file.What I haven not been able to find is what to do in order to add Known Hosts for SFTP jobs.The job is being created on a Windows install of Tidal.

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