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He also attended the sequel to the Hallyu Expo which was held in Japan titled FACE in Japan Premium Event.This two-day event from August 14–15, 2007, featured Korean celebrities with large fanbases and was intended as a cultural exchange program between Korea and Japan. Dear film directors and producers, Lee Kwang Soo is totally different from other male actors. He works hard and people can see how good his acting is. im one of your fans and youll be forever PRINCE of ASIA . i smile hhhhhhhhhhhh he is the best he is so funny XD love running man and kwang soo thank for every time you make me happy and allways smiling komawoyooooooooo love yaaa !! Because if in drama I can watch him more than in movie .

It was from this drama that he had changed his image, from a homosexual clown to a wealthy play boy.

For the next couple of years, Joon-Gi worked at various part time jobs, before gaining acceptance into the Seoul Institute of the Arts. I am really speechless with your movie moon lovers. And you are exceeding expectations in every single one. He has good acting skills where i see him as veteran and a model for rookie actors. ahhahaha Can see how he is transforming himself to a more mature state yet still have his touch of the young rap trill on stage on his Thankyou tour.

In 2001, Lee Joon-Gi made his debut as a model for fashion brand So Basic, appearing alongside actress Hee-seon Kim.[2] He would go on to appear in many more CF's and music videos. I really love it, in fact Im very happy when i found out that there's season 2. I love him so much to the point when i do daydream i just smile. Keep up the good work and hope one day can hear a personally respond from you, meanwhile will be your best fan for all your future performances.

On 20 March 2008, Lee's 19-year-old brother Lee Joon-yub, a student at the University of Sydney, was fatally stabbed during a brawl with two Chinese teenage gang members at Hungry Jack's in World Square, Sydney, Australia.

In February 2017, Lee and T-ara member Park Ji-yeon were reported to have ended their 2-year relationship.

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